The Outer Worlds max level cap

Check our guide to the max level cap if you want to know how many times you can boost your level and upgrade those skills in The Outer Worlds!

Ba-ding! Everyone enjoys the sound of a good level up in gaming, whether it’s a metallic rock riff or a simple note. RPGs like The Outer Worlds make it extra special by gifting you some tasty points to spend in different delectable areas. While picking a choosing your food from the stat buffet is always fun, some of us like to plan our builds out in advance, and to that end it’s worth learning the max level cap in The Outer Worlds so you know how long that fun will last. Carry on scrolling, dear reader, to learn how many times you can increase that virtual number in a satisfying manner.

The Outer Worlds max level cap

The Outer Worlds Max level cap
Combat it one way to earn XP, but it's not the fastest in The Outer Worlds. © Obsidian

Much like similar Obsidian titles, the max level cap in The Outer Worlds is 30. That means you can earn as much XP as you want up to that point, but once you reach level 30, completing quests won’t net you more. If you’re racing to max out your stats, completing as many quests as possible is the way to go. If you just play through the main story missions, it’s unlikely you’ll reach level 30 before finishing the game. 

You can also gain experience in The Outer Worlds by killing aliens and enemies but, this being an RPG, it’s not the most efficient way to quickly gain levels. Spend time talking to and helping out other denizens of the world and you’ll be far more likely to save up those levels quickly. If you’re not the meticulously minded player who likes to figure out each and every move, though, we recommend not stressing too much about your level and just enjoying the world.

Great! You’ve now learned the max level cap in The Outer Worlds so can plan your builds to contentment. Looking for more guides? We’ve got you covered. Why not start by making sure you also know how to holster your gun. We don’t all enjoy having a weapon shoved in our faces, you know.

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