Does Luigi's Mansion 3 have co-op multiplayer?

Find out if you can team up with a friend in multiplayer while playing Luigi's Mansion 3.

Our favorite green plumber is off again on a timid adventure into a haunted locale in Luigi’s Mansion 3, and it’s a cracking one at that. With such a spooky environment to explore, many potential ghost hunters are eager to know if Luigi’s Mansion 3 has co-op multiplayer. It’s not immediately evident when you start the game, but there are ways for you to team up with an equally cowardly pal. Let’s dive in without fear then and hunt down the answer to whether or not Luigi’s Mansion 3 has co-op multiplayer.

Does Luigi’s Mansion 3 have co-op multiplayer?

Does Luigis Mansion 3 have co-op multiplayer

Luigi's Mansion 3 will let you team up with a friend in multiplayer.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is, ostensibly, a single-player story game, but there are several multiplayer options available as well. When it comes to the main game there’s no dedicated co-op mode, but once you gain the ability to use Gooigi in the story you’ll have the option to let another player take control of the slimy boy when playing locally. It’s not perfect, but it’s good fun to have a second player running around, solving puzzles and catching ghosts by your side. 

Looking to jump online? You’ll need Gooigi for that as well, but once you have him you can check out our online multiplayer guide to see how you can hop into the ScareScraper. This terrifying tower sees you scale floors of increasing difficulty, working together to complete challenges against the clock. You can also play this mode in local multiplayer, with up to two players per system.

If competitive is more your style, Luigi’s Mansion 3 also offers up several minigame multiplayer modes to take part in when playing locally. Up to eight players can play on a single console in battles between Team Luigi and Team Gooigi (rise up, my squelchy brethren).

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So in short, yes, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has multiplayer including co-op and competitive with Gooigi, the ScareScraper and the ScreamPark. Hurry up and get in there! Luigi certainly isn’t brave enough to do it alone.

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