Destiny 2 The Dawning - Best place to farm Phaseglass

Where to farm Phaseglass and how to do it quickly.

Destiny 2 hasn't made as much of a thing out of farming materials as its predecessor, where we remember spending many braindead hours moving between patrol zones looking for them, but mat farming is back in vogue for The Dawning, which asks you to farm Phaseglass as part of its Gift Schematic daily missions. Here's how to speed up the process.

Where to farm Phaseglass

The first and most important thing to know about farming Phaseglass is that you can only do it on Io, the last of the four planetary locations you unlock in the game, so if you haven't completed the campaign then you need to do that first.

Once you can head to Io, do so, then keep an eye out for little glass-like plant formations as you patrol. Walk up to them and hold the interaction button to gather them. Once you've stripped a named area, move onto the next one and you should find some new spawns. Phaseglass will respawn in an area once you clear it, but it takes a while so it's best to roam.

How to farm Phaseglass quickly

Looking for the fast track to Phaseglass riches? Unfortunately there's no dead cert way to grab them all at once, but there is one method we've noticed that yields a guaranteed two Phaseglass drops per cycle, so with a bit of judicious fast-traveling you can quickly knock down the Gift Schematic requirement.

The trick here is to load to the Lost Oasis area of Io, then immediately head to the Spine Burrows just southeast of the spawn point. There's a cave you can enter here, with some enemies inside, and every time we did it we then found two Phaseglass nodes in the vicinity. All we did after that was to load our map, fast-travel back to the Lost Oasis marker - even though it's nearby - and then repeat. The fast travel process resets the spawn behaviour, so you'll find the cave restocked with enemies and, of course, your coveted Phaseglass.

Repeat this a few times and you'll be able to farm Phaseglass within a few minutes.

Found all the Phaseglass you need? Then maybe check out our guide to farming Wizards or our guide to farming Servitors if you need some of those.

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