Rush and Shahzam crown CoD champ in front of 50,000-strong PostyFest crowd

PostyFest 2019 played host to a Call of Duty tournament on the HyperX truck.

The second annual PostyFest (it's happened twice now, that makes it annual) took place over the weekend, and the HyperX truck was there to crown a Call of Duty Modern Warfare champ on stage in front of the entire crowd.

After a tense afternoon of thousands of matches between Post Malone fans at the mobile tournament setup, the clashes eventually whittled down just one remaining challenger.

An enterprising champ by the handle of MonopolE came away with the win, and to clinch the deal he accepted his award on stage in front of 50,000 fellow music lovers.

Presenting the award were Complexity's CS:GO pros Rush and Shahzam, who dropped in just to do the honors. Of course it helped that great acts like St Jhn and Malone himself were pumping party tunes for the whole day.

GGs and WPs to everyone who made it through the early stages of the PostyFest CoD Modern Warfare tournament at the HyperX truck, including these top 8 challengers. Check our boys in the Champion swag as well, dressing right over the launch weekend.

Were you out at PostyFest last weekend? What was your favorite moment from the party?


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