Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Gerudo Secret Club password guide

How to find and enter Gerudo Town's shady shop.

If you’re a collector of rare gear, you won’t want to miss the outfits on offer at the Gerudo Secret Club in Gerudo town. Here you’ll be able to pick up both the Desert Voe set (the best gear for keeping your cool on the sandy slopes — while looking stylish of course) and the luminous Radiant Armor which lights up at night. Getting in can be a little tricky, however, as the club’s owner isn’t too keen on non-members gaining access. Here we’ll point you in the direction of solving the Gerudo Secret Club quest. If confidentiality isn’t your jam, we’ve got the password directly, too.

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Finding the Gerudo Secret Club password

Explore the northeast sector of Gerudo Town and you’ll find the popular Noble Canteen. Link might not be old enough to drink their famous Noble Pursuit, but that won’t stop you from gaining something valuable here. Speak to the clientele upstairs and a group of lounging Gerudo ladies will come close to telling you the password before, oh no, they’ve caught you eavesdropping. Not to fear, simply head out of the bar and into the room up the stairs to the west. In hear you’ll be able to eavesdrop if you go close to the window which connects to the bar, and the women will divulge the club’s secret password.

The Gerudo Secret Club password

  • G, S, C, Diamond.

To find the club, simple head out and across the main square to the east side of the town. Down the alley here you’ll find a wooden door to knock at. The person inside will ask you to relay the password. Reply with the choices G, S, C, Diamond to gain access to the purple haze filled shop. The Desert Voe set will add a level of heat resistance for each piece equipped, while the Radiant armor glows in the dark and attracts skeleton enemies towards you (you’ll also deal more damage to them when the set is upgraded).

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