Can you fast travel in Death Stranding?

I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more.

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Death Stranding is whether you can fast travel. While the game places heavy emphasis on the importance of walking and balance, there are situations where fast travel makes more sense given the task you’re looking to complete. Want to know if this is possible? Below, we’ve put together a quick guide addressing the presence of fast travel in Death Stranding.

Can you fast travel in Death Stranding?

Can you fast travel in Death Stranding?
The option to fast travel will unlock in Death Stranding after you meet up with Fragile again in Episode 3.
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Yes, you can fast travel in Death Stranding. While reviews are quick to paint Death Stranding as this boring, tedious walking simulator, we can assure you that the game does in fact offer a fast travel mechanic after you reach a certain point. To elaborate, you’ll need to reach Episode 3 in Death Stranding before fast travel becomes available.

During Episode 3, you’ll complete a mission in Lake Knot City where you’ll run into Fragile again. After the cutscene ends, you’ll unlock the “Fragile Jump” ability which lets you fast travel in Death Stranding. To use Fragile Jump, you’ll want to interact with the option using the X button (near your weapons) inside your Private Room. Next, select the location you wish to fast travel to from the list provided to you.

Note that you can only fast travel to large cities or outposts that you’ve previously visited. As long as these areas have been reconnected to the chiral network, you can fast travel to them, saving you from having to hike your way to and from key locations. The biggest setback to fast travel is that you’re unable to bring cargo with you.

While you can use fast travel to speak with someone as part of a quest, you have to manually deliver all cargo on foot. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule. You can fast travel, your cargo cannot. To recap, fast travel becomes available once you reach Episode 3 in Death Stranding. You can fast travel from your Private Room using Fragile Jump.

You can only fast travel to outposts and cities you’ve previously visited and reconnected to the chiral network. Your cargo cannot fast travel with you.

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