Wattam finally has a release date on PC and PS4

Katamari creator's Wattam will release December 17 on Epic Games Store and PS4.

Wattam, the new game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, finally has a release date for PC and PS4.

On December 17 you'll be able to enter the latest madcap world from the mind of the Noby Noby Boy creator, and the game is currently available to pre-order on Epic Games Store, with PS4 pre-orders going live soon.

Wattam has been in development at Takahashi's studio Funomena since 2015, and its quirky style caught the eyes of Annapurna Interactive who are publishing the game.

As with other Takahashi games, Wattam focuses on a zany sort of creativity in trying out various combinations of characters in a more or less sandbox environment. There are more than 100 characters of all shapes and sizes, including sushi, trees, toilets and poop swirls wearing bowler hats.

Each has their own way of interacting with the world, which can be played solo or splitscreen co-op with friends, finding out what sort of combo interactions you can do together to explore the world. There are changing seasons through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to discover everything you can get up to.

Wattam releases December 17 and is available to pre-order through the Epic Games Store for $16.99 with the pre-order discount, and will soon be up on the PSN store.


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