Want Smash Bros' Hyrule Temple stage as a Snapchat filter? Well here it is anyway!

No items, fox-ear filters only.

Getting tired of your Snapchat filters? Giant eyes and bunny ears are all good fun, but you know what would really improve that image? Hyrule Castle, all of it. More specifically, the Hyrule Temple stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee. 

If you think your selfies are good, ask yourself this: Are they truly better than the majesty of Hyrule Temple? Whack this bad boy filter on and you can wistfully poke around every inch of the classic level, remembering the times you fell off that ledge, smashed an opponent skyward, or the hundreds of hours that one cowardly friend spent hiding away in the underground bit while the rest of you fought valiantly. Let’s be honest, we all know one.

Smash Bros Hyrule Temple Snapchat filter
Image credit: Reddit user ZNSKomplett

Stupid post warning: Someone has created a Snapchat filter that is the whole Hyrule Temple from Melee, directly ported. Even the skybox. from r/smashbros

Even better, the port even includes the skybox, meaning you never need look at your own gurning mug again. All selfies everywhere can now become Hyrule Temple. The creator of this masterpiece is Snapchat user jenuwine, but we should also credit Reddit user ZNSKomplett for bringing it to the world’s attention.

Want to imbue your life (or at least your selfies) with the power of the Triforce? You can click this link to find the download for the filter, or search for Hyrule to discover it yourself. Sadly, even in Snapchat the stage isn’t tournament legal. You’ll need to wait for them to port Final Destination before bringing those fox ears out for competition. What are you waiting for Smash fans? Make it happen!

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