Best The Outer Worlds deals for Black Friday 2019

Get discounts on The Outer Worlds for Black Friday 2019 and you'll be able to escape to another planet this holiday season.

If you’re looking for Black Friday 2019 deals that are out of this world, look no further than the offers on The Outer Worlds down below! Okay, we know that joke was dreadful but we really do have a cracking selection of discounts on The Outer Worlds for Black Friday 2019 that you might want to scan through. Obsidian’s sci-fi RPG garnered a lot of praise upon release this year, making it a great title to buy as a gift or to while away the winter holidays. Without further ado, here are the best The Outer Worlds deals for Black Friday 2019:

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The best Outer Worlds deals for Black Friday 2019

The best the outer worlds deals for black friday 2019
There are a few discounts available for The Outer Worlds during Black Friday 2019.
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Very few of the big retailers have put up discounts, but the best Black Friday 2019 deal we’ve spotted for The Outer Worlds so far comes from Target. Reducing the game down to $35 on PS4 is a nice chunky discount on a new game. 

Unfortunately, Walmart, Best Buy and others haven’t posted any Black Friday 2019 discounts for The Outer Worlds, which means your choices are a little limited for Obsidian’s latest. But hey, any discount is better than none, so at least PS4 and Xbox One owners have options try out. The good news is that while the Black Friday 2019 options for The Outer Worlds are small, there are plenty of other cracking games from the year worth checking out. Just take a look at these:

If you find a better deal on The Outer Worlds for Black Friday 2019, please do share it in the comments so we can add it to our list! For everything else, visit our Black Friday 2019 gaming deals hub and see what’s on offer.

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