Upgrading Your Switch Storage For Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield are some of Nintendo's biggest games, so you might need to expand your storage with HyperX SD cards.

Pokemon Sword and Shield have finally arrived to let us explore the world of Pokemon in a way we never have before. With open world environments, massive stadiums, and even more massive monsters thanks to the Gigantamax system, it’s no surprise that they’re pretty big games. They’re so big, you might need to upgrade your Nintendo Switch storage to play them.

If you’re a fan of the convenience in getting games digitally this might cause a bit of an issue, especially if you want to get the Pokemon Sword and Shield dual pack to see all that the Galar region has to offer. The digital download of just one of the games that weighs in at 10GB or more, and with the dual pack clocking in at 20GB, that’ll account for most of the Nintendo Switch’s built-in storage already.

For players who have already downloaded a few games, 20GB might prove to be too much to free up, and you’ll need to upgrade to external storage. A HyperX Gaming Micro SD Card for the Switch would get you past that obstacle and let you fill your pockets with monsters to your heart’s content. With 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacity options there’s room to fit quite a few more of the biggest worlds on the Switch before you’d need to consider uninstalling any of your favorite titles.

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The HyperX Gaming Micro SD Card.

Swapping over to external memory isn’t as difficult as it sounds as you can migrate games, screenshots, recordings, and save games without too much hassle using the Nintendo Switch’s settings menu. If you want to back these items up to your PC just in case, the HyperX Gaming Micro SD Card has 100 MB/s read, and 80 MB/s write speeds so you won’t be sitting around waiting for the transfer to complete.

If you want to try and free up some Nintendo Switch storage to see if you can fit Pokemon Sword and Shield onto your device first then we can help you out with that, too. If you’re having trouble transferring your save data and games from your Switch to SD cards we’ve also got you covered.

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