Season of Dawn Pass rewards for Destiny 2

Tempted to pick up a Season Pass when Destiny 2's Season of Dawn arrives on December 10? Here's everything we know you'll get so far.

Destiny 2’s continued waves of content don’t look ready to stop any time soon. Next up it’s the Season of Dawn, and Bungie has just announced a big chunk of items Guardians will be able to claim as they make their way into the new Season with Pass under their belt. Picking one up will cost you 1000 Silver (~$10) and it’s all pretty exciting stuff, so let’s break down the Season of Dawn pass rewards for Destiny 2 that have been revealed so far.

Season of Dawn Pass rewards for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Pass rewards, season pass
There are plenty of rewards in store for Season Pass owners when the Season of Dawn arrives in Destiny 2.
© Bungie

Arriving on December 10, Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn continues after the Vex invasion has been pushed back. A Guardian’s life is never easy though, and there are always new challenges to face. Thankfully, they also come with plenty of sweet rewards to earn as well! As usual the Season rewards are split into free and Season Pass rewards, earned by upgrading the Lantern of Osiris. Here’s what Bungie lists so far for those who pick up the Season Pass:

  • Instantly unlock the Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry
  • The Sundial, a new 6-player activity
  • New Exotic Quests
  • Seasonal Armor Sets
  • New Ornaments
  • New Triumphs, Bounties, and Seasonal Lore Books
  • New Exotic Emote, Ghost, Ornament, and Finisher

There are plenty more rewards including materials, Eververse Bright Engrams and Timelost weapon frames, but there’s also plenty available for free to all Destiny 2 players, with Bungie listing the following:

  • Free Seasonal Rank Rewards
  • Seasonal Artifact: The Lantern of Osiris
  • Help Osiris fix the timeline by restoring Obelisks on four destinations
  • Unlock the Seasonal Armor Set: Righteous
  • Progress through Season ranks to earn the Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry

So even if you’re not able to grab the Season Pass, you’ll still have the chance to unlock a Seasonal Armor Set and a new Exotic weapon, provided you work hard enough to upgrader the Lantern of Osiris.

Are you excited for Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn Pass? You can find out more about it by visiting the official page for the season on the Destiny 2 website. Remember, the Season of Dawn will run from December 10 until March 9, 2020, so you’ve got plenty of time to work through those rewards! Click here to visit our Destiny 2 hub and see the rest of our guides, news and content for the game.

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