How to activate the firing range easter egg in Apex Legends

Follow our steps for the firing range easter egg in Apex Legends and you'll bring training targets to life in deadly fashion!

If, like us, you spend most of your time in Apex Legends hot dropping into matches to score those kills, you likely haven’t spent much time in the game’s firing range practice area. Beyond the tutorial, there’s not much reason to return to the training zone unless you want to practice the game’s weaponry on stationary targets. Or so we thought. Recently players have discovered a firing range easter egg which brings the training dummies to live in aggressive style. Want to activate it? Here are the steps

How to activate the firing range easter egg in Apex Legends

How to activate the firing range easter egg in Apex Legends
Activate the firing range easter egg at your peril. Apex Legends' bots are pretty aggressive!
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To start the firing range easter egg in Apex Legends, you need to perform a few odd steps. First, you’ll want to select Pathfinder and drop your starting weapons. Then, facing the sandy slope that’s opposite the range, head up to the doorway on the right side. Enter this dark room, then use Pathfinder’s grapple to hook up and onto the central beam above you. Crouch down and, while looking at the floor, swap to any other Legend. Tada! You’ve now activated several maniac purple robots, who’ll  be ready to gun you down with any weapons they can scavenge. Good luck! 

There are a few other little treats hidden in this easter egg, including the fact that if you kill one of the aggressive bots via headshot, they’ll be decapitated and leave behind the head model for Titanfall 2’s robot pilot.

Here are the full steps again:

  • Play as Pathfinder
  • Drop your weapons
  • Run up the sandy slope and enter the dark room on the right
  • Grapple up to the central beam
  • Face the ground, crouch and swap Legend

The firing range easter egg is a nice little find by the community, and it appears to have pleased the Respawn developers to no end. In fact, the community’s success with this easter egg has led another Respawn developer to point out that there’s a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order easter egg hiding somewhere in Apex Legends, and it’s been there for some time before Fallen Order launched. 

The first clue towards this next easter egg for Apex legends has already been released, and we imagine it’s only a matter of time before players find it. Hopefully it won’t prove quite so complex as the original Nessy plushies hunt which sent players scrambling around the map in a certain order. Good luck, Legends!

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