Sports Story, a Golf Story sequel, comes to Nintendo Switch next year

Sports Story is an RPG sequel to Golf Story but with more things to hit with.

Sports Story, the sequel to 2017's Golf Story, is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in mid-2020, according to the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

The 2D RPG features a lot of the same golf-hit mechanics as its predecessor, except this time there are more kinds of bat to use. There's baseball and tennis and soccer and at one point you hit a toaster? There's some sort of spy shenanigans too?

Golf Story was a genuinely very funny game that we loved when it first came out, so we're glad to see that Australian studio Sidebar Games has managed to continue the story, and even expanded the gameplay.

We're looking forward to checking out Sports Story when it comes out on Nintendo Switch in mid-2020. If you enjoyed the above trailer for Sports Story, check out the rest of the indies revealed during today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase.


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