Control's Expedition mode out now, The Foundation expansion due in March

Control's first story expansion The Foundation will launch in March next year, but you can take part in Expeditions today.

Control's challenge-based Expeditions mode is now available on all platforms, with the story expansion The Foundation due March 26.

Announced during The Game Awards 2019, Remedy Entertainment has released the new Expeditions mode for Control, which lets you take on challenges in the Quarry Site for extra rewards. You'll need to earn new Jukebox tokens to enter the Expeditions, but if you succeed you'll be rewarded with powerful new mods for Jesse to use. The hardest challenges will even reward with a new outfit for the Director to don.

Control the foundation expansion expeditions
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Perhaps more exciting, the close of the show revealed news that the first new story expansion for Control called The Foundation will be arriving March 26, 2020. We don't know much about it yet, beyond the mysterious cave and, er, thing coming out of it, but we'll bet it ties into the Bureau's mysterious Janitor Ahti. Hopefully we don't have to get on his bad side to experience it!


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