Green day music pack released for Beat Saber

Excited by their performance at The Game Awards? You can now take on Green Day in VR with a new Beat Saber music pack.

Beat Saber is getting a Green Day music pack for you to slice up with your lightsabers in VR.

Enjoyed watching Green Day perform at The Game Awards 2019? Well whether you like their music or not, if you've got a VR headset you can now bop along to their tunes in Beat Saber thanks to the addition of a Green Day music pack to the rhythm title. Just make sure you're paying enough attention to hit those notes and not just enjoying the music!

Announced slightly ahead of schedule on the Oculus Twitter account, the news of the new selection of tracks for Beat Saber was made as Green Day performed live at The Game Awards 2019. If you weren't able to catch them as they played to the gaming crowd, you'll at least be able to vent your frustration by swinging those arms around in time to some of their most popular tracks.

The tweet also notes that that new 360° and 90° levels will be added as part of the bundle, and not just to Oculus but all platforms on which Beat Saber has released.

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