Ruin a VR headset with this full-body workout

Soak it in so much sweat that you'll never use it again.

Black Box VR has created a 30-minute, full-body workout using a VR headset.

The tech startup hope to make the gym experience more addictive through virtual reality elements.

In principle, VR gaming exercise is a great idea, and the current full-room VR games already offer a bit of a workout. Adding game-like elements to workout routines has proven extremely popular, with hundreds of phone or watch apps offering the ability to track your routines to grant experience points, level up or set challenges.

However, the current gym gaming programs don’t expect you to be wearing an expensive, cable-bound headset. One that has a bit of a reputation for getting soaked in sweat, no less. Considering how drenched headsets like the PSVR or oculus have a tendency to become from regular VR games, we dread to think of the outcome following a workout designed for the express purpose of working up a sweat.

Other concerns include the requirement for a large amount of space in which to play. VR headsets effectively leave you blind, making banging into your surroundings a real concern. Bring in the permanent cable most headsets come with, or a requirement to use weights during a routine, and you’ve got a dangerous combination, one that could cause injury or, alternatively, ruin a headset.

Black Box are planning to open specialist gyms across the US where people can make use of their own space, though sharing headsets between users doesn’t exactly sound like the most pleasant or hygienic experience without extensive cleaning. The setup also includes a cable pulley system that can adapt to whatever’s happening in the virtual world. What will that be? Well, we’re not really sure yet, as the official site most contains vaguely gamey artwork and statements about pushing beyond your limitations.Still, these days there seems to be a startup for everything, and getting more people into exercise is no bad aim by our books.

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