Players are making sick beats with No Man's Sky's new music tool

BeatByte was added in No Man's Sky's latest update, and it's already proving a hit.

No Man's Sky's latest update has added a music creation tool that players are using to make sick beats already.

The 2.24 update of No Man's Sky has introduced a number of new fixes and the usual patch fodder, but the main attraction is ByteBeat, a full audio creation application which lets you sequence together noises to make a tune.

Players can get their hands on the ByteBeat Device by finding a blueprint at the Space Anomaly and then placing it on a planet to interact with it. The interface is very much like any other sequencer software used by electronic musicians, so many have found the time to put together pretty good songs with the tool already.

Lots of the music people are making is reminiscent of retro gaming classics, and the interface is simple to understand with some comparing it to the GameBoy Camera's rudimentary DJ mode.

Have you made any cool songs using the No Man's Sky ByteBeat Device? Show us in the comments, we love hearing them.


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