Our 2020 New Year's Gaming Resolutions

It's time to kick those bad habits to the curb and work our gaming skills into shape.

Holiday time is over, slackers! The break has (hopefully) been glorious, you’ve gorged yourself on all that delicious gaming goodness you didn’t have time for throughout the year, but now it’s time to shape up again. A new year of games gives us a chance to adopt a new approach, so let’s set ourselves up right by laying down our 2020 New Year’s Gaming Resolutions. Who knows, maybe this time we’ll actually work through that lengthy back catalogue of games. On second thought, let’s not get too outrageous.

Our 2020 New Year’s Gaming Resolutions

1. Actually finish the games we like

2020 New Years gaming resolutions - sekiro
We'll be back to finish saving you Kuro, we promise!
© FromSoftware

So, we have a problem. We can’t quite seem to finish games. Sure, with a lot of titles we just don’t have the time to give them their due. But in the case of a lot of our favorite releases, we can’t quite seem to bring ourselves to take on that final level or boss fight, because that way the adventure never truly ends, does it?

Nonsense. Developers worked hard on those final moments, and so few people even make it there that they deserve to be appreciated. We’re heading back to complete those lost final chapters, starting you with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Hold tight, it’s going to be a bumpy re-entry.

2. Keep up with Ring Fit Adventure

New Years Gaming Resolutions Ring Fit Adventure
Listen, we swear this is a fitness game. Honest.
© Nintendo

We haven’t been shy about the fact that we love Ring Fit Adventure here, no matter how much its minigames seem to hate us. It’s a cracking workout, especially for those of us who work from home. We love it, but will we always manage to keep it up? Well, we’ve put it in this list now, so we’re duty-bound to at least try. 

We’re making it our aim to not just keep up with regular Ring Fit Sessions, but to continue playing it after we’ve completed the main story and beaten that grumpy, muscle-loving Dragaux. Ring Fit provides plenty of exercise routines to target different muscle groups, and we’re damn well going to make use of them.

3. Stop increasing the size of our backlog

Stop increasing the size of our backlog
We vow to stop buying games only to have them collect dust in our ever-growing backlog. Sorry, Winter Steam Sale. 
© Valve

We need to get through more games in our backlog, and to avoid purchasing games we know we're not going to immediately play. We tend to have the bad habit of sweeping up games like free money spilled onto a sidewalk any time there’s a digital sale. Winter Steam Sale? Buy everything.

Nintendo eShop sale? Again, buy everything. Saving money on games is always nice, but the downside to this is a library full of games we never seem to have the time to play and appreciate. We do a lot of gaming, dozens of hours per week, but it’s never enough to complete everything that's in our backlog.

Some of us have unplayed games on our Steam account that we bought all the way back in 2014! Because of this, we've come to the realization that we may never play them, and that thought saddens us. Good video games don’t deserve to collect dust in a virtual library. In 2020, we vow to honor our games by actually playing them... not just buying them on a whim whenever they’re on sale. 

To do this, we've disabled the notification Steam sends when items on our wishlist go on sale. It's just unnecessary temptation at this point.

4. Master one thing

We can't all be speedrunners or pro gamers, but we can all focus on improving one thing in games that we wish we were good at. Maybe you really enjoy the lore and atmosphere of a Souls game but haven't quite got the patience for the combat. Or perhaps you enjoy the satisfaction of making music but can't quite get the rhythm down of your favorite song on Guitar Hero. Don't let that put you off. Try, improve, learn and try again. You can do it in 2020. We believe in you.

Those are our New Year’s Gaming Resolutions for 2020, but what are your goals for the year in games? Share them with us down in the comments below, then you’ll really be forced to stick with them!

Associate Editor

Henry Stenhouse serves an eternal punishment as the Associate Editor of AllGamers. He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video games stole his soul. Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. via email at henry@moonrock.biz, or catch him on Twitter.

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