Destiny 2 Risk/Reward mission: How to Traverse the Chasm

Progress past this pesky jumping puzzle with our Risk/Reward guide on how to Traverse the Chasm in Destiny 2.

Picked up the Pain and Gain quest in Destiny 2? It’ll ask you to complete the Risk/Reward mission on Earth, a challenge which includes a jumping puzzle that has left several Guardians a touch perplexed. Fortunately you’ve come to the right place, so read on to learn how to traverse the chasm in Destiny 2’s Risk/Reward mission and earn yourself the Riskrunner SMG.

Destiny 2 Risk/Reward mission: How to Traverse the Chasm

Destiny 2 risk reward how to traverse the chasm
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If you’re up to the Risk/Reward mission in the Pain and Gain quest, you’ll be asked to head to Earth. Track the quest and open the EDZ map. You’ll find Risk/Reward in the bottom left, and activating it will take you back to the Cosmodrome area.

Follow the markers to the arena where you’ll face waves of enemies including three Dusk Captains. It’s a straightforwart fight, and once you’ve beaten the Captains you’ll be given a new task to “Traverse the Chasm”. This means completing a fairly lengthy jumping puzzle. Much of the route here is clearly laid out so it’s pretty hard to get lost, but just in case you’re having trouble, we’ll lay out the steps. If you have trouble following them, check out this video guide by Cliffan. If the video embed timing isn’t working, the platforming section starts at 3:58.

Start by jumping across the first gap to the initial metal railing platform. Standing on the higher platform and facing the wall, turn right and jump to the platform directly in front. It can be tough to spot from this position, but it’s there. Climb up on the pipes and turn around. 

Take out the two enemies, then jump over to the small platforms on the left before jumping back from them to the tiny ledge with lights on the right. It should be next to a big pipe that’s snaking up the wall. Climb up the attached pipe and turn back on yourself to see the next platform in front of you. Hop onto it, then jump across the gap again to land on the platform on the other side. Stick to this wall, jumping up to the next platform along it. 

The next jump is a long one. You need to sprint off the far end of the platform at a diagonal slant, aiming for the platform on the opposite wall. Use your midair jumps to make it. Once you’re over, follow the platform then hop across to the lower platform on the opposite side.

There’s another long jump here, this time sticking to the same wall. You’re aiming for the small stone ledge ahead. From that, jump across the gap to the metal platforms and follow them along. Jump over the gap in the pipe then, as it curve down, make a massive jump to the platform with the big red pipe going through it. Look for the platform with a door and light ahead on the left and jump to it.

Destiny 2 risk reward mission guide riskrunner smg traverse the chasm
Complete the Risk/Reward mission stage and you'll earn the Riskrunner SMG. 
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Thanks to destinygamewiki for use of their image.

Next you need to jump across the gap again, this time dropping under the metal barrier before jumping up to the platform. Save your second midair jump for this. Look to the opposite wall again and you’ll see the next platform with lights on each side. There’s a lower ledge to the left of it that you can reach. Once up, hop up to the platform with another red pipe. Look down and to the right to see the next platform lit up.

From here the path isn’t immediately clear. What you need to do is jump across to the platform underneath the large red pipe that slants diagonally down to the opposite wall. It’s a long jump, but once you’re there you can hop up to the sloped metal platform on the right. Walk up this and turn around to kill the enemy on a small platform sticking out from the pipe. Jump up to where the enemy was, then up again to the far wall. Turn around and continue climbing up each platform on the end wall.

Eventually you’ll reach a raised shutter entrance, and when you enter it your mission will update to say “Keep Searching”. Pick up the Arc Conductors inside to get the Riskrunner SMG. The mission is straightforward from here on, asking you to take your new toy and test it on a series of Fallen enemies. The Riskrunner is a great SMG, so enjoy!

Now that you know how to complete Risk/Reward and Traverse the Chasm, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 hub for more helpful guides.

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