Five things we want from the Pokemon Switch game

With so much potential, here's just a few things on our wishlist.

We’ve had a blast catching and training Pokemon across various 3DS installments, but the Nintendo Switch has us even more excited for what lies ahead. During the big E3 2017 Nintendo Direct, Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO at The Pokemon Company teased that there was a Pokemon Switch game being worked on. We don’t have much information, but we do know the game will be a mainline title like Pokemon Sun and Moon, rather than a spin-off like Pokken Tournament or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. This means the next Pokemon game could open even more possibilities and unique mechanics than we’ve ever seen before. We’re not expecting to hear any further announcements for a while yet, but here’s a list of some of the things we hope to see present in the upcoming Switch game.

1. Improved visuals

The 3DS gave us the prettiest mainline Pokemon games to date and they’ve marked the biggest shift in graphical quality since Red and Blue hit the shelves in 1998, but it would be great to play a Pokemon game with proper HD visuals designed from the ground up for the Switch. Improved graphics would ensure the game looks glorious whether we decide to take our adventure out on the go or simply laze in front of the TV. We could forgive the rough edges of 3DS titles, but The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey have demonstrated that the Switch is more than capable of putting on a good visual show.

The world of Pokemon is certainly a beautiful one and we want to see its lush landscapes, colorful critters and triumphant trainers looking sharper than ever before. It not only would make traveling through the game’s various locations more engaging, it would also give us the sense that each place feels unique and lived in. The Pokemon series has always featured forests, mountains, oceans and volcanoes, but the Switch could make exploring each of these environments more exciting than ever before.

2. Better interactions and Pokemon in the overworld

Although Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon made interacting with Pokemon better, they still came across as static creatures void of any character. We want to see an overworld brimming with all kinds of critters, not just a few soulless Pokemon idly standing around waiting for us to play peekaboo with them. Seeing these unique creatures roaming around in the wild and watching them interact with their surroundings would make the world feel more alive. It would also make searching for your favourite Pokemon less of a chore, given that you can clearly see the monster you’re trying to catch. This feature wouldn’t change the core battle mechanics, but it would make exploration even more rewarding, especially when you finally find that rare Pokemon you’ve been tracking down for days!


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