Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 is live right now

Watch gamers go fast, then speedrun your way to the donations page to help fight cancer.

Speedrunning  showcase Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 is back for another year, showcasing speedruns of a huge selection of games all in the name of raising money for charity. It's already kicked off, meaning you can catch some lightning-fast live gameplay right now.

If you've just returned to work and are looking to get a racing start into 2020, there's no better way than to procrastinate by watching Awesome Games Done Quick 2020. The annual event is a weeklong, 24-hour stream in which some of the finest speedrunners in the gaming world come together to show their skills at their favorite (or funniest) games live. This years even runs from January 5-12, meaning you have until Sunday to watch and donate.

Each year the event supports a charity, with this AGDQ raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a US-based charity aiming to support research, education, outreach andencouraging all viewers to donate during the weeklong stream.

You can watch along on the Twitch stream embedded below, head to the Games Done Quick website or catch up after the event via the AGDQ YouTube channel.

To donate money, click here for the donation form, or head to the Yetee website where you can purchase official AGDQ merchandise, with all proceeds going to PCF.

Want to know what's coming up when? AGDQ has a full schedule available (view it by clicking here). Games of interest this year include The Outer Worlds at 5:20 pm PT on Monday, Devil May Cry 5 at 2:32 pm PT on Thursday, Fire Emblem: Three Houses at 7:20 pm PT on Thursday, and of course Untilted Goose Game at 3:39 pm PT on Saturday. Each year offers a wealth of different types of runs for famous and infamous games, including 100% completetion runs, races, out-of-boundaries runs and more. It's a wonderful yearly event, and a great way to knock back those January blues by supporting a good cause.

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