Javelin Mooncake Destiny 2 recipe guide

Learn the recipe and ingredients needed to make Javelin Mooncake in Destiny 2 for The Dawning.

Mooncake, what a time to be alive. There are few better friends to have than those who bake you cakes, so why not be that friend to others in Destiny 2? If you’re looking to score points in Destiny 2’s The Dawning holiday event, you may need to learn the Javelin Mooncake recipe and ingredients. If you’re a little lost, we’re here to help the holiday cheer continue with a guide for how to make Javelin Mooncake in Destiny 2.

Javelin Mooncake Destiny 2 recipe guide

Javelin Mooncake destiny 2 recipe guide - ingredients for The Dawning
Cook up Javelin Mooncake with our Destiny 2 recipe guide
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Aside from having a mightily cook name, Javelin Mooncake is a gift for Ana Bray during The Dawning. To make Javelin Mooncake in Destiny 2 you’ll need to collect three ingredients. One of these, as with all the other recipes, is of course Essence of Dawning, of which you’ll need 15. The others are bit trickier, but with our help you won’t have trouble at all. Baking a cake for your friends is always a good idea, in Destiny 2 and in real life, so let’s get to it with our Javelin Mooncake Destiny 2 recipe guide. Here’s what you’re after:

  • Chitin Powder: The easiest ingredient, Chitin Powder is obtained by killing Hive enemies. Wait, are we baking their skin into this cake? Ewww.
  • Sharp Flavor: Earned by performing Sword kills on your enemies. RNG chance to drop with each kill.
  • Essence of Dawning: Used in all the recipes, Essence of Dawning is obtained by taking part in any of The Dawning quests. More information here.

Once you have all of the ingredients you need for the Javelin Mooncake recipe, head over to Eva Levante’s Holiday Oven and shove them inside. Once your dish is complete you’ll find you’ve baked a marvellous Javelin Mooncake, ready to be served up to Ana Bray. For tips on how to obtain the other ingredients during The Dawning, click here. Now that you’ve learned how to cook up Javelin Mooncake in Destiny 2, why not have a look at these other guides:

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