How To Change Keybinds For Fortnite

If you're not familiar with keybinds, take a look at this guide in which we teach you how to change them with Fortnite.

Fortnite can be an unforgivingly complicated game when you start playing at a decent skill level. Building, shooting, and inventory management are all needed in split-second situations, so you need to have a good Fortnite keybind setup to get access to everything you need at your fingers. We’ll guide you through how to change your Fortnite keybinds, and what pros use for their keybinds so you can work out your optimal layout.

How To Change Keybinds In Fortnite

When playing Fortnite on PC, you’re free to change and and all keybind presets by selecting the menu at the top-right corner of the screen. In the menu, select the “Settings” option, then choose the tab at the top represented by directional arrow keys to enter the keybind menu.

In the keybind menu, you have the option to choose a complete preset including Standard (default) or Old School (original Fortnite keybinds). You can also customize individual key bindings to your liking. 

To do this, left-click on the action you wish to keybind such as Fire or Harvest Tool. When a screen prompt appears that reads “Press Any Key,” you’ll need to press the key you wish to use for that action. 

You can also press Escape to cancel and select a new action from the keybind menu. Once you’ve pressed the key or mouse button you wish to bind to that action, you’ll get a confirmation screen. You can either Confirm to save that keybind, or Decline and keep the original keybind. 

If you have a mouse with extra buttons on the side, note that you are free to bind any of those detectable buttons to actions as desired. If you’re using a controller to play Fortnite on PC, you can adjust your controller settings from the Settings menu by selecting the tab represented by a controller icon.

In the controller settings menu, you can choose between controller presets including Old School, Quick Builder, Combat Pro, Builder Pro, or Custom. As you’d expect, Custom will let you bind controller actions based on personal preference, rather than an established preset.

Optimal Keybinds

To get the best use out of your Fortnite keybinds, you may need to make use of every button at your disposal. If you have a gaming mouse such as the Pulsefire Raid, then your thumb could be doing some heavy lifting for you. The side buttons on a gaming mouse are perfect for when you also need to aim as part of their function. For instance, Ninja uses the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons to build Walls and Stairs respectively, so all he has to do is use his mouse to aim, build and click to confirm the build, leaving his keyboard hand to continue moving his character if he’s under fire.

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