Tiny homes coming to Sims 4 in new DLC

Downsize your life with the Tiny Living DLC for Sims 4.

In recent years, tiny homes have grown in popularity as people look for more affordable housing options and ways to fully embrace a life of minimalism. Even if you have no desire to live in a tiny home, their creation and design can be quite fascinating, especially when it comes to adding storage into places you normally wouldn’t expect storage.

Given that the Sims is a game known for having every option under the sun, it should come as no surprise that the Sims 4 is finally adding tiny homes to the game.

Tiny homes coming to Sims 4 in new DLC

Tiny homes coming to Sims 4 in new DLC
Downsize your life in the Sims 4 by grabbing the Tiny Living DLC.
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The Tiny Living DLC for Sims 4 will add tiny homes to the game’s list of housing options when it’s released in a few short weeks. With the Tiny Living DLC, you can either stick with a large residential home or pick the “Tiny Home Residential” option to see if your characters can make it work in a virtual tiny house.

Tiny homes in the Sims 4 are restricted to 100 tiles or less in size, which can take a bit of getting used to. While you won’t be able to put as much stuff into these homes as you would into regular housing options, there are benefits including fewer money spent on bills and upkeep.

You also get a comfort bonus and relationship gains, which makes sense as tiny homes – quite literally – bring your characters closer together. To help you decorate your tiny home, the DLC will offer compact furniture including tiny tables and pull-down beds.

In the trailer, these pull-down beds look like a bit of a hazard, but they also seem to be a great way to maximize space in your tiny home so they’re probably worth it. Unless your Sim dies, crushed underneath one as seen in the trailer. Yikes. To get a sense of how tiny homes will work in the Sims 4, check out the reveal trailer for Tiny Living DLC below!

The Tiny Living DLC for the Sims 4 is scheduled to release on January 21 for PC and Mac, and February 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After checking out the trailer, what do you think of the Tiny Living DLC for the Sims 4? Do you plan to scoop it up, or are you annoyed the tiny home craze has worked its way into the Sims? Comment below! 

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