WB Montreal begins teasing Batman project (again) with coat of arms

The new Batman game teases, split across Facebook and Instagram, are still missing a piece.

Warner Bros. Montreal studios have begun teasing the next Batman game (again) by posting pieces of a coat of arms on social media accounts for the devlopment house.

The two pieces of the symbol, posted today on Facebook and Instagram, appear to make a fairly unremarkable coat of arms featuring a Bald Eagle, crossed swords on a shield, and some American-style embellishments such as rosette tails and stars and stripes.

Edit: A third piece was tweeted by the Montreal WB studio Twitter account four months ago, giving the final image as pieced together by Twitter user Martin Breault.

Accompanying the pieces of this straightforward jigsaw was the phrase "Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight", which is a confusing sort of half-pun between French and English. Cape sur la nuit just means "cape on (or mantle onto) the night" which isn't quite the same meaning as capture, and the French word for "knight" doesn't rhyme with the word for "night" making it even less of a wordplay. Look, there's something to do with capes and nights and knights, that's all it means, and there's no prizes for guessing who that's all about.

The Court of Owls insignia.
The Court of Owls insignia.

Some fans have noted similarities to (or at least the existence of) an insignia for the Court of Owls, a villainous shadowy cabal said to be the antagonist force in this as yet only rumored new entry into the Batman series of games. The missing piece of the coat of arms is cut out in a swooping spiral, similar to the shape made by the owl's wings in the above insignia.

It would be about the right time to start teasing the existence of a new Batman game for the next generation of consoles, slated for release in the holiday season of this year, but we'll need to wait and see when exactly Warner Bros. Montreal are going to host their big reveal. We're due some new adventures with the caped crusader after concept art of the cancelled Project Sabbath surfaced last year.


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