Glow-in-the-dark Sea of Thieves controller comes with exclusive outfit DLC

Rare's pirate sandbox is almost here, celebrate with a shiny new helm.

Microsoft has cooked up a very pretty glow-in-the-dark controller for Rare's upcoming pirate 'em up, Sea of Thieves.

Before the sailing and plundering sandbox arrives on March 20 you can get your hands on this algae green and Davey Jones' locker purple pad when it goes on sale on February 15.

If you do end up grabbing it, you'll get the Ferryman Clothing DLC set with it, and if the in-game costume looks as good as this controller then you'll be the talk of the high seas.

The pad itself has "laser etched barnacles" for you to grab onto, and a single shiny gold right trigger to launch the cannons in style.

Pre-orders are up, and they're £65 in the UK so get looting.


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