League of Legends Season 10 cinematic kicks off epic new decade

LoL's season 10 cinematic reimagines Warriors for the new decade.

This season's opening cinematic for League of Legends takes a familiar tune and turns up the cool factor a bit.

The season 10 starter whips out Imagine Dragons' Warriors from Worlds 2014 and gives it a makeover, with Edda Hayes on some quieter vocals before the choral refrain builds up later on in the action.

While the Dragons' original was an out-and-out banger for the championships six years ago, this version (produced by 2WEI) slow burns in with some really satisfying on-screen moments too.

Cait's knee-sliding sniper shot and Vi uppercutting Urgot even without her gauntlets are stand-out points, along with Vi playing the drums on some minion faces in time with the breakdown a little earlier in the video.

It's an all-round smasher of a cinematic, proving that Riot are still the bosses when it comes to building hype. Blizzard's movie work has been a little hit and miss lately so it's nice to feel tingles when watching characters we know and love get up to Hollywood-level hijinx.

What did you think of this season's League of Legends cinematic? Do you prefer this version of Warriors or the Imagine Dragons original?


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