Modder creates GameCube Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

A WaveBird Frankenstein.

Nintendo Switch owners often use compatible GameCube controllers like the WaveBird when playing games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate... but what if you could use a pair of custom GameCube Joy-Cons instead? That’s the question Shank Mods asked before creating a custom set of GameCube Joy-Cons.

Modder creates GameCube Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

Modder creates GameCube Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch
Shank Mods spent several months creating custom GameCub Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch and yes, they work! 
© Shank Mods

Using the GameCube WaveBird controller as a base, Shank Mods spent several months modding a working pair of custom Joy-Cons. In the past, Shank has worked on other Nintendo mods, though this one definitely seems like one of the more challenging builds. Shank documents the modding process in a 14-minute video on his channel.

There, you can see him dissecting the WaveBird, soldering, painting, and creating custom 3D-printed parts based on what was needed to ensure the final product would be fully functional. And yes, they definitely are as demonstrated in the video. We’re in absolute awe of Shank’s dedication because the final product looks absolutely amazing.

One thing we find interesting is how Nintendo has yet to release their own set of official GameCube-style Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch. After all, there’s certainly demand for them. In the past, gamers have posted up mock-up images of what they imagine these controllers would look like, but Shank certainly took things a step further by actually making them.

Unfortunately, Shank has since made it clear the GameCube Joy-Cons are not for sale and that he isn’t taking orders to make and sell more given how long it took him to create. In the video description, Shank notes: “BitBuild thread with files coming soon.” With the BitBuilt and the video as reference, other intrepid modders are free to try and recreate Shank’s mod.

Given how much of a pain they are to make, we’re not sure how many custom GameCube Joy-Con mods will follow Shank’s. To check out the custom modded GameCube Joy-Cons for yourself, we’ve included the video below from Shank.

After seeing the GameCube Joy-Cons as a real modded product rather than a mock image, what are your thoughts? Would you want a pair for yourself, or are you ok with using a controller like the WaveBird as-is? Comment below!

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