Chamber of Night location in Destiny 2

Learn how to get to the Chamber of Night and you'll be over the Moon in Destiny 2.

The Chamber of Night sounds like a pretty great place to us. We could certainly use a few hours of extra sleep, that’s for sure, but we’re guessing you’re here for Destiny 2’s Chamber of Night, located on the Moon. It’s a fairly simple place to reach, but in case you’ve forgotten or not been there yet, we put together this quick guide on how to get to the Chamber of Night location in Destiny 2.

Chamber of Night location in Destiny 2

How to get to the Chamber of Night location in Destiny 2
Sanctuary is the fastest place from which to reach the Chamber of Night location in Destiny 2.
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You’ll be asked to head to the Chamber of Night location during the Essence of Vanity quest so you can grab a Horned Wreath. Not sure where to find the Chamber of Night in Destiny 2? Not to worry. It’s located down in Hellmouth on the Moon. The best way to get there is from the Sanctuary fast travel point (you can also reach it from Sorrow’s Harbor).

From the start point, take the path near Eris Morn toward the Anchor of Light. Follow the main path but when it forks, don’t travel into Fallen Ketch. Instead, take the right towards Temple of Crota. Battle or run through the route here, dropping down the central hole and keeping going until you enter a big old room with a Hive pod sitting in the middle of it. Take a right here and the door will lead you to the edge of a cliff. Keep going along this trail and you’ll eventually reach The World’s Grave.

Run straight through the first large room, jump up onto the platform at the back and turn through the door on your left. Pass through the next big boss room (you might recognize it from the Nightmare of Omnigul fight) and enter the dark hallway on the other side. With your torch to guide you, follow the hallway as it turns right and left. You’ll pass several packs of enemies and then, eventually, enter the Chamber of Night It’s a big cade and at the back is a cave in the floor which contains the Horned Wreath (if that’s what you’re here for).

Had trouble finding the Chamber of Night location with the instructions above? Try the video guide below by our friends at Shacknews.

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