Byleth moveset in Smash Ultimate

A breakdown of Byleth's moveset in Smash Ultimate so you can prepare yourself for the arrival of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses protagonist.

Revealed in a special Super Smash Bros. Direct, Byleth is the final character coming in Fighter Pass 1. Just like previous DLC fighters, they do things a bit differently, bringing a unique weapon system to the game. Rather than another direct swordfighter, Byleth makes use of Sword, lance, axe and bow based on their direction of attack. It’s an interesting system, and one that should be easier to adjust to than Dragon Quest Hero’s randomized magic. Let’s get started with the Byleth moveset in Smash Ultimate.

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Byleth moveset in Smash Ultimate

Byleth Moveset in Smash Ultimate

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Byleth is being added to the game on January 28, but we’ve already had a good look at their in-game moveset. We know they’re a character with low mobility and a short grab range, but that most of their attacks cover a wide area, which could make them very lethal indeed. Neutral specials use the bow Failnaught, Upward smashes and specials use the Sword of the Creator, forward specials and smashes use the lance Areadbhar, and down specials and smashes use the axe Amyr. Here’s a breakdown of the Byleth moveset in Smash Ultimate:

Byleth jabs, tilts and throws

Byleth's moves in Smash Ultimate

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  • Jab: Byleth swings their sword in front of them, whirling the sword for a rapid-jab finish.
  • Forward Tilt: Byleth swipes the sword downward in an arc ahead.
  • Up Tilt: Byleth swings the sword overhead in a wide arc.
  • Down Tilt: Byleth swings their whip sword quickly along the ground, launching opponents.
  • Dash Attack: Byleth swings the sword down in an arc. Shorter range than the forward tilt.
  • Throws: Byleth's throws aren't too special, with down and forward sending the opponent in front, up launching them high above, and back doing as you'd expect. None appear to have guaranteed followups, but you can catch opponents out by throwing them up before using UpB to tether to them.

Byleth smash attacks

Byleth Smash Attacks smash Ultimate
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  • Up Smash: Byleth waves the Sword of the Creator above their head in a speedy and wide multi-hit move that takes a tornado pattern.
  • Forward Smash: Byleth stabs a lance forward. Can be angled up or down, with the up strike dealing extra damage. Has a tipper effect dealing more damage at the end of the lance.
  • Down Smash: Byleth swings the axe around their feet in a low, close sweep. Very powerful but with short reach.

Byleth aerial attacks

Byleth Aerial Attacks Smash Ultimate
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  • Neutral Air: Byleth spins their bow around, catching enemies in the spikes
  • Up Air: Byleth waves the whip sword above their head in a multi-hit attack. Similar visually to the up smash, with a larger area and longer effect.
  • Forward Air: A forward, horizontal lance strike
  • Back Air: A backwards, horizontal lance strike.
  • Down Air: A strong downward axe swing which spikes opponents and seriously damages shields.

Byleth special attacks

Byleth moveset smash ultimate special attacks B moves

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  • Neutral Special: Byleth charges and fires an arrow forwards. Takes time to charge. Charge enough and you’ll unleash a powerful bow strike. You can cancel the low charge level by shielding.
  • Up Special: Byleth fires their sword upwards, tethering to any enemies hit and pulling up to bounce on their heads. If they’re over a certain percentage, it will spike them. Launches opponents stood on the ground if hit. Can tether to the ledge.
  • Forward Special: Byleth Swings the lance upwards in an attack with long reach. Do a smash input while grounded to charge forwards during the move, gaining extra reach. Used in the air is strikes a semicircle in front of Byleth.
  • Down Special: A slowly charged hammer attack. Comes with super armor that can take a single hit. Weak to grabs. Can be turned around mid-strike and allows you to drop through platform. Launches nearby grounded opponents.

Byleth Final Smash: Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven

Byleth Final Smash Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven Smash Ultimate

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Byleth attacks in unison with Sothis, striking forward with their sword and hitting enemies in front with decent range.

Want to see the moves listed above in action? Watch the reveal showcase by Masahiro Sakurai in the video embedded below:

What do you make of Byleth’s moveset in Smash Ultimate? Think they have what it takes to rise up the ranks of our tier list? Let us know down in the comments below! If you're looking ahead to Fighter Pass 2, these are the characters we think would make a fitting addition.

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