Five games we'd like to see in VR

The virtual worlds we'd like to dive into.

After Bethesda gifted us DOOM and Fallout 4 VR, we couldn’t help but feel hungry for more virtual worlds to plunge our very real eyes into. VR has come a long way from its shaky early days, but there’s still a distinct lack of full games to hold our attention. It might not be the future of gaming, but VR offers a truly novel and incredibly immersive way to enjoy our favorite pastime. Here are the games we’d love to see make the jump to VR.

1. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

While the action-heavy portions of the game wouldn’t translate smoothly, the added immersion of VR could make Senua’s journey with psychosis into an experience like no other. Hellblade’s spatial audio seems the perfect match for VR’s free-form head motion, allowing you to react naturally to the voices of the Furies around you. It helps that the world is realised in brilliant fidelity, too. Though it’s not always be the happiest place to be, the land Senua inhabits is jaw-droppingly gorgeous — all the more reason to see it up close in VR.

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Hellblade would require a significant amount of work in bring it to VR, but honestly we’d rather developers took the time to polish the experience than simply shove VR in and be damned to the consequences (we’re looking at you Fallout). VR melee combat has yet to prove itself, and Hellblades third-person combos would likely fall flat. For that reason, we’d propose removing the combat altogether, and instead simply let players enjoy the best parts the game has to offer.

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