All Temtem Status Effects explained

Learn what each Status Effect does in Temtem and you'll become a master of combat!

Confused by Cold? Bewildered by Burnt? Nonplussed by Neutralized? Temtem’s status effects can be a confusing world to new players, but they play a crucial role during battles. If you want to make the most of your fighting critters, you need to learn what each status effect does in Temtem. To that end, we’ll walk you through a quick explainer on all Temtem status effects below so you’re ready to get out there and catch those critters!

All Temtem status effects explained 

All Temtem status effects explained

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Much like the Pokemon series which inspires it, Temtem has several different status effects that can be applied by various moves. When a Temtem has a certain status effect, it’ll receive a buff or debuff, sometimes even taking damage each turn. The difference from Pokemon is that several status effects require multiple stacks to achieve, and plenty can be stopped if you know what you’re doing. Some status effects can be prevented by equipping certain gear, or cured by using a certain item. Here’s what each status effect does, both negative and positive. 

Negative status effects

  • Cold: No effect when applied once. Two Cold stacks cause the Frozen status. Replaced by the Burnt status. Cured by: Heater.
  • Frozen: Temtem is unable to attack. Replaced by the Burnt status. Cured by: Heater.
  • Burnt: Temtem loses 1/16 of its HP each turn. Attack is reduced by 30%. Cured by: Cooler. Prevented by: Pansunscreen.
  • Asleep: Temtem cannot attack. Temtem will be woken by any damage. Cured by: Awakener. Prevented by: Energy Drink.
  • Poisoned: Temtem loses ⅛ of its HP each turn. Cured by: Antidote.
  • Trapped: Temtem cannot be swapped out. Prevented by: Grease.
  • Seized: Temtem loses its Gear’s Effect.
  • Doomed: A turn countdown appears. When the turn counter reaches zero, the Temtem will faint. Cured by: Revive. Prevented by: Talisman.
  • Exhausted: Temtem’s Stamina costs are increased by 50%. Removed by: Vigorized status effect.
  • Exiled: Temtem’s Synergies are ineffective.
  • Neutralized: Temtem’s resistances and weaknesses are ignored. Learn more about strengths and weaknesses by clicking here

Positive status effects

  • Immune: Temtem cannot receive new status effects while Immune.
  • Regenerated: Temtem heals 1/10 of its HP each turn.
  • Vigorized: Temtem’s Stamina costs are reduced by 50%. Removed by: Exhausted status effect.
  • Neutralized: Temtem’s resistances and weaknesses are ignored. Learn more about strengths and weaknesses by clicking here

NB - Neutralized appears in both categories as it can be a positive and negative effect depending on the battle.

Those are all the status effects in Temtem. It’s worth noting that certain types of Temtem are immune to specific status effects. We’ve listed these resistances below:

  • Fire Type: Immune to Burnt.
  • Toxic Type: Immune to Poisoned.
  • Mental Type: Immune to Asleep.

It’s possible that what each status effect does in Temtem and the resistances related may change as the game is developed. We’ll do our best to update this page with any new details, but please let us know in the comments if it’s ever out of date! For more Temtem guides, tips and tricks, check out these links:

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