New COD WW2 Nazi Zombies DLC trailer

The Darkest Shore looks like a fun place to winter.

Call of Duty: WW2's first downloadable expansion, The Resistance DLC pack, may be a celebration of underground movements against Nazi occupation, but it's also bringing us the next bonkers installment of Nazi Zombies, and while the two things may be thematically uneasy bedfellows, we are prepared to suspend our disbelief based on the latest trailer.

Previously Sledgehammer Games has explained how the new Nazi Zombies chapter - which we now know is called Darkest Shore - will see players track Dr Straub to an island north of Germany where fog, more strategic zombies, and a new weapon called the Ripsaw will freshen things up for people tiring of the content that shipped with the main game.

The new trailer shows us a bit more of the moment-to-moment scenario, with players having to withstand aerial bombardment from German Stuka dive bombers, and also hints at the general ambiance, with lots of zombies and humans impaled and displayed in enterprising ways while Dr Straub explains how, far from a backwater, the Darkest Shore is one of his older proving grounds for the undead legions, with all sorts of hidden depths.

Honestly, they could have just had a logo bouncing around the video window with screams playing over the top and we would have been onboard, but we'll take these extra details.

Darkest Shore ships as part of The Resistance DLC, which comes first to PlayStation 4 on January 30, where it will enjoy 30 days of exclusivity before it spreads to other platforms.


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