All Evolutions in Temtem

Find out all all the Temtem evolutions and what levels they occur at so you can plan your squad in advance.

Catching new creatures in Temtem is an exciting prospect. A whole new world of creatures to discover, tame and train? Sign us up. If you want to grab all of them Temtem in the early access release, you’ll need to learn the various evolution paths in the game. Fortunately for you, we can help with exactly that! Read on for a list of all Evolutions in Temtem.

All Evolutions in Temtem

All evolutions in temtem early access
Check the list below to learn all the evolutions available in Temtem.
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Temtem’s evolutions aren’t as complicated as Pokemon has become over its many iterations, but you’ll still want to learn how to get each creature. Below, we’ve listed each evolution path currently in Temtem’s Early Access release. These may change as the game is developed further, and more Temtem may be added, so be prepared for shifts in future. 

With that caveat out of the way, here’s a comprehensive list of all evolutions in Temtem. We’ve run through them in their Tempedia order. If you want to check out the full list of Temtem, including those without evolutions, visit our catalogue by clicking here. The evolution numbers below are based on rough recordings by the Temtem gamepedia wiki, so all credit to them. We’ll be updating the list as we record our own evolution levels, so numbers may shift slightly.

Oree (2) Zaobian (3)

Oree evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Digital Temtem Oree evolves to Zaobian, though right now the details of how or when are unknown.

Platypet (7) Platox (8) Platimous (9)

Platypet evolutions temtem
© CremaGames

Adorable blue Platypet evolves to Platox after 20 levels, which then evolves to Platimous following another 20.

Swali (10) Loali (11) 

Swali evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Hiding it its cocoon, Swali evolves into Loali following eight levels.

Paharo (16) Paharac (17) Granpah (18)

Paharo evolutions Temtem
© CremaGames

One of the few triple evolutions, small bird Paharo evolves quickly to Paharac after seven levels. The next jump to Granpah will take a further 16 levels.

Ampling (19) ➡ Amphatyr (20)

Electric deer fawn Ampling evolves into Amphatyr, but the details of when are unknown so far.

Bunbun (21) ➡ Mudrid (22)

Bunbun evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Earthy rabbit Bunbun takes 20 levels to evolve into Mudrid

Hidody (23) Taifu (24)

Hidody evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Hidody may be cute, but after 15 levels with it you’ll find it evolve into larger form Taifu.

Fomu (25) Wiplump (26)

Fomu evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Bloblike narwhal Fomu evolves after 20 levels into Wiplump.

Skail (27) Skunch (28)

Skail evolution temtem
© CremaGames

The grumpy looking Skail will evolve to Skunch after 17 levels.

Houchic (32) Tental (33)

Houchic evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Mental starter Houchic takes a whopping 29 levels to evolve into Tental.

Orphyll (35) Nidrasil (36)

Orphyll evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Orphyl gains extra brains after 22 levels, evolving into Nidrasil.

Banapi (37) Capyre (38)

Banapi Evolutions Temtem
© CremaGames

Flame-topped Banapir needs 17 levels to evolve into the stylish Capyre.

Lapinite (39) Azuroc (40) Zenoreth (41)

Lapinite evolutions temtem
© CremaGames

Another triple evolution, Lapinite takes a meaty 25 levels before it’ll evolve to Azuroc. The final form of Zenoreth can be obtained either through another 25 levels or by trading.

Bigu (44) Babawa (45)

Bigu evolution Temtem
© CremaGames

Bigu gets a cheery look after 18 levels, evolving into Babawa

Kaku (48) Saku (49)

Kaku evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Kaku swaps a letter out when it evolves after 11 levels to become Saku.

Occlura (55) Myx (56)

Occlura evolution temtem
© CremaGames

The mysterious Occlura needs 18 levels to evolve into dark spirit Myx.

Raiber (57) Raize (58) Raican (59)

Raiber evolutions temtem
© CremaGames

A triple evolution of lions, cub Raiber evolves to Raize after 15 levels, then Raize evolves to Raican after 25 levels.

Pewki (60) Piraniant (61)

Pewki evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Possibly the most adorable Temtem, Pewki evolves to Piraniant after 13 levels.

Crystle (72) Sherald (73)

Crystle evolution temtem
© CremaGames

The Crystal starter Temtem Crystle needs a chunky 29 level ups to evolve into Sherald

Hocus (79) Pocus (80)

Hocus evolution temtem
© CremaGames

The details of ghostly Temtem Hocus and its evolved form Pocus aren’t currently known

Mushi (84) Mushook (85)

Mushi evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Amusing mushroom-shaped Temtem Mushi needs 20 levels to evolve into Mushook.

Magmis (86) Mastione (87)

Magmis Evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Magmis is a Temtem that’s nothing but happy to see you. However, after 16 levels he’ll evolve to mean-faced Mastione.

Umishi (88) Ukama (89)

Umishi Evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Water-type Umishi needs 14 levels with you to evolve into Ukama.

Smazee (92) Baboong (93)

Smazee Evolution Temtem
© CremaGames

Fire-type starter Smazee requires 29 extra levels to reach its evolution of Baboong.

Spriole (102) Deendre (103) Cerneaf (104)

Spriole Evolutions Temtem
© CremaGames

Another three-stage evolution, Nature Temtem Spriole evolves to Deendre after gaining 12 levels. You’ll need to earn another 25 to then evolve again to Cerneaf.

Toxolotl (105) Noxolotl (106)

Toxolotl evolution
© CremaGames

Adorable Axolotl-inspired Temtem Toxolotl grows into its noxious bigger brother Noxolotl after 30 levels.

Blooze (107) Goolder (108)

Blooze Evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Blooze takes 35 levels to grow itself into Goolder.

Zephyruff (109) Volarend (110)

Zephyruff evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Imperious bird Zephyruff needs 22 levels to evolve into Volarend.

Ganki (113) Gazuma (114)

Ganki evolution temtem
© CremaGames

Wing and Electric type Ganki needs to gain 27 levels to shift into Gazuma.

Kalazu (127) Kalabyss (128)

Kalazu evolution temtem
© CremaGames

The squid Kalazu evolves after gaining 18 levels, but judging by the eyes of Kalabyss, it isn’t too happy about it.

Tuwai (130) Tuvine (133)

Tuwai evolution in temtem
© CremaGames

You’re given Tuwai early on in Temtem, but to evolve it to Tuvine you must visit the Crystal Shrine.

Vulvir (138) Vulor (139) Vulcrane (140)

Vulvir evolutions temtem
© CremaGames

The final three-stage evolution, Vulvir needs 14 levels to shift into Vulor, then another 28 to evolve into Vulcrane.

Right now there are only six three-stage evolutions in Temtem, but we know that the starter Temtems Crystle, Houchic and Smazee will eventually gain a third evolution. We’ll do out best to update this list of all evolutions in Temtem, but please do point out any incorrect information in the comments below. Feel free to let us know your favorite creatures too! For more Temtem tips, check out these guides:

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