How to get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2

Get the Python Ritual Weapon to add some weight to your arsenal in Destiny 2.

Looking for a shotgun wedding? We can’t do anything for your real-world love life, but you might just fall in love with the Python Ritual Weapon after unlocking it in Destiny 2. This boomstick has a more traditional design, but don’t let that put you off following the guide below to learn how to get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2.

How to get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2

How to get python ritual weapon destiny 2
You can get Python Ritual Weapon by racking up shotgun kills in Destiny 2. 
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The Python Ritual Weapon was shovelled into Destiny 2 as part of Season of Dawn’s hefty update, meaning you might well have missed it previously. Even if you did know, earning this shotgun takes quite some time so you may have put it on the backburner. In case you need a refresher on how to get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2, here’s what you need to do:

To start, head on over to the Tower and speak to Mr Coinflips, the Drifter. Pick up the quest named Get Closer and you’ll be off. Next up are three core challenges. This being Destiny 2, they’re pretty lengthy:

  • Get 500 shotgun final blows
  • Get 150 close-range shotgun final blows
  • Reach Infamy rank Heroic

Prepare yourself to slog through plenty of shotgun kills if you want to get Python Ritual Weapon. If you’re using one as a weapon already then you’ll likely run through it without a care in the world, but if you prefer rifles, working your way through this challenge can be tough. Thankfully the Infamy rank isn’t too much of an ask, but you will need to spend a good deal of time in Gambit to earn it. PvP kills count towards all three totals, so just playing Gambit with a shotgun might be your best bet. Earn 2,500 Infamy and you’ll be up to Heroic. 

The Python Ritual Weapon comes with either Overflow or Feeding Frenzy, as well as either Shield Disorient or One-Two Punch. We find the latter to be the best of the bunch thanks to its extra damage output. After learning how to get Python Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2, you might want to move on to another weapon. Here are a few recent additions:

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