Is Journey to the Savage Planet cross-platform?

A quick answer to if Journey to the Savage Planet has cross-play or cross-platform support.

Roaming around Journey to the Savage Planet’s alien world is a great deal of fun, but a good trip is almost always improved if you bring a friend along for the ride. To that end, many players are keen to know if they can play cross-platform. Multiplayer co-op is a core part of the game, but is Journey to the Savage Planet cross-platform? We’ve checked, so scroll on down on for the answer.

Is Journey to the Savage Planet cross-platform or cross-play?

Is journey to the savage planet cross platform or crossplay
We don't recommen picking these guys as your friends for a co-op game.
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Sadly, there’s no cross-play or cross-platform support in Journey to the Savage Planet. If you’re playing on PC or Xbox One while your friend is on PS4, you can’t team up to visit each other. To play in co-op, you both need to have copies of the game on the same platform. 

Before you jump up in anger, setting up cross-platform support is a lot of work, and while we’d absolutely love to see it in more games, it’s worth remembering that developer Typhoon Studios is relatively small. We’re only just starting to see juggernauts like Fortnite enable cross-play, and at the end of the day it’s up to the likes of Sony and Microsoft if they’ll let developers enable cross-play support.

Microsoft is adding cross-play support to more and more of their games when it comes to PC, but support between different consoles is another matter entirely. We’ve seen the gates opened somewhat with Minecraft on Xbox One and Switch, and other indie games like Rocket League have pulled it off before. However, it may be some time before we start to get cross-platform support regularly in our favorite indie games.

While Journey to the Savage Planet doesn’t have cross-platform or cross-play support, we do still recommend checking it out in online co-op with a friend if you can. While you’re out and about, consider keeping in mind these other guides for the game as well:

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