How to breed Temtem in Temtem

A complete guide to breeding your Temtem successfully in Temtem!

In Temtem, like in Pokemon, you have the ability to breed two Temtem together to create a new Temtem. The Temtem created through breeding will be given to you as an Egg, which you’ll need to hatch. Unlike using breeding to create a baby Pokemon, Temtem is primarily focused on creating a new Temtem with better Single Values, or SVs. Wondering how to breed your Temtem? Read on for our complete Temtem breeding guide!

How to breed Temtem in Temtem

How to breed Temtem in Temtem
The Breeding Center is located in the Myrisles near the FreeTem! Organisation building in Temtem.
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To breed your Temtem, you’ll need to make it through the game and onto the Airship which will ferry you away to the Myrisles. There, you’ll find the Breeding Center next to the FreeTem! Organisation building where you collect Pacsuns for released Temtem. Inside the Breeding Center, you’ll want to speak to the Temtem Breeder on the left side.

If you like, you can select dialogue options where he walks you through the entire breeding process. It’s quite a lesson. Essentially, you can breed two Temtem together of any kind as long as the two are of the opposite sex and share at least one Type with one another. For example, we tried to experiment breeding our Ganki and Tuwai as they both share the Wind Type.

When you select two that you wish to breed, you’ll get a preview screen of how their offspring will turn out. In our preview screen, we can see that the two will create a new Tuwai. If you want to get really specific with your breeding, there’s a TemDeck station inside the Breeding Center where you can pick and choose the Temtem you want to place in your Squad and breed.

  • It costs 50 Pacsuns to breed.

Improving offspring stats

Improving offspring stats in Temtem
Through breeding, you can potentially create a Temtem with higher Single Values (SVs) than its parents. 
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Offspring have a 40% chance of having higher Single Values (SVs) than its parents, a 40% chance of matching the SVs of its parents, and a 20% chance of having lower SVs. Meanwhile, for Traits, the offspring won’t inherit the Traits of its parents by default. You can purchase items to influence this if you wish.

In fact, there’s a BreeCen Shopkeeper right inside the Breeding Center that sells items that’ll ensure breeding success. For example, the Vitality DNA Strand when given to a Temtem to hold while breeding will ensure the offspring inherits that Temtem’s HP. If you want the offspring to inherit a specific Trait, you’ll have to fork over quite a few Pacsuns.

  • The Engineered DNA Strand (which costs 10,000 Pacsuns) will ensure the offspring produced will inherit a Trait from the Temtem parent holding that item.

Can you breed a Luma Temtem?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is that you can’t control this particular breeding result in Temtem. Essentially, offspring have the same chance of being Luma as Temtem caught in the wild at a 1 in 6,000 chance. However, you can breed Luma Temtem as you would any other Temtem.

What’s interesting about this is the odds of getting a Luma Temtem when breeding a Luma Temtem increase exponentially (x10) if one parent is Luma. If both parents are Luma, those odds increase even more to (x100). Single Values (SVs) inherited follow the same rules as above. Although, Luma Temtem tend to have better SVs than regular Temtem so it’s worth strategically breeding them.

  • Not only can you potentially get a Luma Temtem offspring, you can get one with some solid SVs as well.

How long does breeding take?

Note that you can only hand over Temtem to the Temtem Breeder that are in your Squad. Once you’ve placed two of your Temtem at the Breeding Center and they’re working their magic together, it’ll take approximately 40 minutes (real time, not game time) for an Egg to be created.

If the two Temtem you selected to breed are of the same evolutionary line (a Ganki and another Ganki) that time will be cut down to 25 minutes. When enough time has passed, you can return to the Breeding Center and collect your two Temtem as well as the Egg they've created.

How to hatch an Egg

How to hatch an Egg in Temtem
To hatch an Egg in Temtem, all you need to do is put it in your Squad and carry it around for around 5 to 40 minutes.
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To hatch an Egg, all you need to do is carry the Egg around with you and wait. To find your Egg after collecting your two breeding Temtem, all you need to do is open your TemDeck. Inside, you’ll find your Egg.

Swap out one of your Temtem and carry the Egg around with you in your Squad. The Egg will hatch anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes (real time again) as determined by the Temtem’s capture rate. Don’t worry, the Egg doesn’t require you to walk a certain distance or check in on it.

  • Leave it alone in your Squad, wait, and it’ll hatch.

Fertility in Temtem

What is Fertility in Temtem
In Temtem, every Temtem has a set Fertility rate which determines how much they can be bred before they become sterile.
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If you want to breed the same two Temtem again, you’ll want to keep in mind the game’s Fertility system. Fertility limits the amount of times you can breed your Temtem, it’s not infinite.

If your Temtem has a fertility of 5, it means you can only breed that Temtem 5 times. When breeding, the Temtem produced will have a naturally lower Fertility rate than its parents.

If both parents have a Fertility of 5, the offspring will have a Fertility of 4, and so on. In Temtem, it seems like there are items that can help mitigate the Fertility rates. One such item is Fertility Essence which is a Medicine that, when given to a Temtem, will permanently increase their Fertility by 1.

Why should you breed Temtem?

So, why do you want to use the Breeding Center in Temtem? Well, there are several reasons why breeding is beneficial. First, you can get a stronger Temtem with higher SVs by breeding two Temtem with high SVs.

Second, you get a Temtem for the cost of 50 Pacsuns rather than having to capture one in the wild which is great if you have Temtem that you like and want more of.

Finally, if you breed one or more Luma Temtem together, you have an increased rate of getting another Luma Temtem, possibly one with better SVs as well! We hope we’ve answered all of your breeding questions. If you still have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we’ll swoop in and help you out!

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