PUBG update 6.1 patch notes

The full update 6.1 patch notes for PUBG introduce Karakin, sticky bombs and more!

PUBG Season 6 is here, bringing with it a new map and new tools of destruction. We’ve got the full PUBG update 6.1 patch notes here so that you can get yourself up to date as quickly as possible with the new features. No one wants to get caught out by a sticky bomb, so do yourself a favor and scan through the PUBG update 1.35 patch notes below. You’ll be ready for Season 6 in no time at all.

PUBG update 6.1 patch notes

PUBG update 6.1 patch notes full
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Update 1.35 for PUBG brings in the new Karakin map, complete with desctruction, sticky bombs and the deadly Black Zone. There’s a lot packed into this level, so be sure to check the patch notes below or you may find yourself unexpectedly shot or blown up through a wall. The information below comes directly from PUBG Corp’s update post, we’ve simply reformatted it for easy reading.

New map Karakin added

Karakin is a 2×2 km island off the coast of Northern Africa. It’s an arid, rocky environment that provides wide-open terrain and challenging engagements. It’s small, fast, and dangerous: Expect the tension of Miramar combined with the pace of Sanhok. Karakin is a 64 players map.

Players should expect long distance rifle engagements in the mountains, tactical urban conflict, and claustrophobic underground combat. And with the introduction of the Black Zone, Karakin reveals its twist: a map that’s layout changes every match.

  • Added bullet penetration to our weakest walls in Karakin.
  • Rebalanced loot spawns to improve your overall experience. There’ll now be much more loot to go around for you and your squad.
    • Increased 2x, 3x, 4x scopes
    • Increased healing/boost items above ground
    • Modified ratio of total SR/DMR muzzle attachments due to increased spawn rate of those weapons
    • Decreased number of melee weapons, canted sights and magazine attachments
    • Removed Sawed-off from Karakin

The Black Zone (Karakin only)

  • The Black Zone is designed to push players out of the safety of a building.
  • The hazard is random: towns and compounds can be undamaged, totally flattened, and everything in between.
  • The mix of buildings and ruins evolves in real time throughout the match: Meaning don’t always expect that building you run to for cover to be there late in the match.
  • Remember, if you hear the siren, and you are inside that purple circle on the minimap- evacuate!
PUBG patch notes 6.1 update - sticky bombs
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New weapon: Sticky Bombs (Karakin only)

  • Certain walls and floors have breach points which can be destroyed with Sticky Bombs
  • This feature presents more tools for our players: For campers, it allows more sight lines/windows to be created
  • For squads going on the offensive however, there are new options for storming buildings- “Do we blast in through the back of the building, or through the roof- maybe both?” the choice is yours!
  • And for explorers, we’ve hidden many secret areas for those players with a spare Sticky Bomb or two, and a keen nose for loot

Gameplay changes

  • Added an option to gameplay settings which allows you to set a second firing mode preference for AR and SMG weapons which have 3 firing modes (Single, Burst, Auto).
    • This will allow you to have burst fire weapons be set to single shot upon equip, while also having other weapons in that category still be automatically set to auto.
    • Selecting auto as first and single as second preference will have weapons without auto fire be automatically set to single fire.

Matchmaking changes

  • Featured Map: Karakin
  • Random Map: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok
  • The Featured Map option may be disabled and Karakin added to the Random Map pool if players experience issues with long matchmaking times.
  • Vikendi is now unavailable in public matches and only available through custom matches.

Audio changes

  • Gun Handling Sounds Improvement
    • Improved reload and weapon switching sound effects
    • Modified reload sounds to be more realistic, through adding audible player interaction with the reload operation.
  • Sound segmentation related to the mechanical properties weapons during aiming/scoping
    • In Aiming/Scoping, the degree of trembling sounds related to weapon attachments details varies depending on the type of weapon.
    • Sounds are divided into two, Handgun and non-handgun, and handgun has less trembling or no attachment detailed sounds compared to non-handguns.
  • Vaulting Sounds Improvement
    • Improved detailed expressions on objects such as hand-to-body contact, collar-to-shoulder squeaks, etc. during vaulting
    • When vaulting, sound outputs correct material sounds (Concrete, Metal, Wood)
  • Vikendi
    • Further lowered the volume of wind sound effect in the moonlight
PUBG update 1.35 patch notes full - black zone
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Other changes

  • PUBG ID will now be shown on the end of match screen and while spectating player
  • Added ‘PASS’ button to the main menu
    • You can view Survivor Pass by clicking it
  • The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable for use
  • The following items will be added to the Store after Update #6.1 hits live servers:
    • Added 5 Golden Dragon skins
    • Added 4 Golden Phoenix skins
    • Added 9 Seollal skins

Bug fixes

  • World Origin Shift
    • Optimized the world location calculating process to reduce occurrence of hitching.
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue where camera view is located incorrectly when changing seat to driver’s seat during ADS
    • Fixed an issue where M249 iron sight was displayed incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue where hold option for prone isn’t working correctly
    • Fixed an issue where character’s upper body would be displayed incorrectly after using a throwable while sitting on the backseat of a motorbike on FPP.
  • UI/UX
    • Fixed an issue where the character’s overhead UI isn’t aligned with the character model
    • Fixed an issue where incorrect UI would be exposed after pressing certain keys
    • Fixed an issue where the helmet equipped on Customize is visible on the character’s head on PUBG ID
  • Custom Match
    • Fixed an issue where the weapon crosshair was exposed overlapped when moving to the next round in war mode while holding a weapon
    • Fixed an issue where red dot sight was not included in the war mode support spawn kit
  • Sound
    • Fixed an issue where the ambient noise is louder than intended in certain weather types on Vikendi.
  • Skins & Items
    • Fixed an issue where Tommy Gun skin texture is displayed incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue where the lower body would be displayed incorrectly when putting on certain PGI skins on a male character

Those are the full PUBG update 6.1 patch notes. Now that you’ve read through them all, get out there and enjoy Season 6! Practice with those sticky bombs and you’ll be a master of destruction in no time. Just remember to watch out for the Black Zone too!

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