Platinum tweets suspiciously Wonderful 101-themed tease

A photo posted by Platinum Games seems to tease Wonderful 101 and Switch-related news.

Platinum Games have posted a suspicious photo that could be teasing news of The Wonderful 101's Switch port, if we're reading the signs correctly.

The photo, posted today, shows director Hideki Kamiya being photobombed by studio CEO Kenichi Sato, but that doesn't seem like the sort of thing worth tweeting. We need to look DEEPER.

What we find is, even though the photo was posted today, the date and time on Kamiya's desktop lock screen show 1:01am and October 1 (10/1). We're pretty sure the Platinum office wouldn't be that packed (or bright) at 1 in the morning, even during a pretty heavy pre-release crunch period.

Also the curious placement of the Nintendo Switch on the right side. If this isn't a 101 Switch tease then perhaps it's Platinum's other highly anticipated Switch release, Bayonetta 3, which we are still desperately awaiting news of.

The Wonderful 101 was a unique action game for the Wii U, sort of a mix between Pikmin and Viewtiful Joe, and hints of a Switch port for the cult classic have been reported as recently as June last year. Platinum's studio head Atsushi Inaba said the company had done a lot of research on a potential Switch port for the Nintendo-published title: “We’ve done a lot of intel gathering and the only thing that I can say right now is that I’m glad we did. I’m glad that we talked to a lot of different people.”

We're still awaiting a Nintendo Direct that isn't focused solely on Smash or Pokemon to start off the year and lay out Nintendo's plans beyond March's release of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Could The Wonderful 101 be heading to Nintendo Switch this year?


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