Temtem bans 900 players for cheating in first wave of many

Time's up for 900 cheaters in Temtem's first ban wave.

Temtem, the Pokemon-like MMO on Steam, has just banned 900 players for cheating and other exploits in the first batch of several to come.

Developers Crema Games initially said there would be no appeals for permanent bans, as they had "made 100% sure that every banned user is either a cheater or has abused exploits intentionally".

However after fans expressed worry about the infallibility of this system, they softened their approach. Bans will still be made manually based on reports and analysis of individual player behavior by Crema Games. The team were initially cagey about saying too much about how cheaters were detected because it gave the cheaters an edge.

"Initially, we were hesitant about instituting a ban appeal process as oftentimes hackers use it as a way to get more information to circumvent our anti-cheat," the team said in an interview with Polygon. "We only ban players that have been caught using cheats to exploit the game. Players will not get banned for running into bugs. It’s very easy for us to tell the difference."

The long and short of the story is that if you're having a good time collecting all the cute Temtem then you don't need to worry about being banned. But if you're running into a trainer who's clearly giving you a hard time without putting in the effort themselves, then their days are numbered.

If you aren't cheating in Temtem then you might need some help from one of our great guides, check out how to make money fast or how to use XP share in Temtem.


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