How long to beat Temtem?

A look at how much gameplay is currently available in Temtem.

Before diving into Temtem, many gamers want to know how long it takes to beat. Given that it’s in Early Access and is currently $34.99, knowing an estimated completion time can help when making a purchasing decision. To help, we decided to put together an overview of how long it’ll take you to beat Temtem.

How long to beat Temtem?

How long to beat Temtem
It will take most players 25 to 40 hours on average to beat Temtem in its current Early Access state.
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The quick answer when it comes to how long Temtem takes to beat is anywhere between 25 and 40 hours. The difference between these times boils down to how you choose to play the game, and how quickly you adapt to Temtem’s unique battle system. If you rush through the game’s campaign and know which Temtem to use for each battle and encounter, it’s definitely possible to beat the game in around 25 hours.

That said, the average completion time is around 30 hours, with those 5 additional hours being spent doing things like completing side quests and capturing different Temtem. In our experience with the game, it was closer to 40 hours, though we played the game for 100% completion (at least what’s currently available in Early Access).

We completed every side quest, captured every Temtem, and explored every area fully. In the future, Crema will release additional content to Temtem that will extend the completion time even further. Until then, you’re looking at around 25 to 40 hours to beat Temtem in its current Early Access state.

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