Epic Games show Fortnite's new Harley Quinn skin

Fortnite's Lil Monster.

It’s official, a Harley Quinn skin is being added to Fortnite according to a post from Epic Games. What’s cool about the Harley Quinn skin is that it offers two different variations on Harley Quinn’s style. You can unlock the Lil Monster XoXo Harley and Always Fantabulous Harley outfits by completing challenges with both outfits looking absolutely awesome.

Epic Games show Fortnite’s new Harley Quinn skin

Epic Games show Fortnite's new Harley Quinn skin
The Harley Quinn skin comes with not one but two different outfit variations in Fortnite.
© Epic Games

The new Harley Quinn skin will be available in Fortnite’s Item Shop starting today at 7 p.m. (EST) and will remain available until February 17. The skin comes as part of the Harley Quinn Bundle which also includes the Harley Hitter and Punchline Pickaxes. As noted above, the skin boasts two different outfit types including the Lil Monster XoXo Harley and the Always Fantabulous Harley.

After purchasing the first outfit, you’ll need to complete three in-game challenges to unlock the second outfit, all of which we’ve listed below. Place top 30 in Solo, Duos, or Squads, then top 20, then top 10. Hit weak points. Deal damage using Pickaxes.

Once you complete all of those challenges, you’ll be able to wear the Always Fantabulous Harley outfit, though you can switch back to the Lil Monster XoXo Harley at any time. What’s nice about this is how the first outfit resembles Harley’s Suicide Squad outfit, while the second is closer to her look in the upcoming film Birds of Prey.

Speaking of which, the inclusion of the Harley Quinn skin is because Birds of Prey hits theatres this Friday, February 7. If you’re a huge Harley Quinn fan, we highly recommend grabbing this skin because it’s absolutely to die for!

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