Test your reflexes in indie action-platformer ScourgeBringer

Out in Early Access today, with a discount for owners of Dead Cells.

If you loved Celeste’s movement systems but wanted the chance to test your skills against bosses rather than platforming puzzles, new indie ScourgeBringer might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Out on Steam’s Early Access program and Xbox Game Pass for PC today, ScourgeBringer mixes roguelike mechanics with fluid platforming and combat. As well as hopping and air-boosting through levels, you’ll need to slice up enemies, parry their strikes, and dodge between bullet hell levels of screen-filling projectiles.

The launch trailer is pretty darned impressive, opening with a slick animated sequence before showing off just how frantic the game itself can be. Expect plenty of bosses throughout the game, as this initial trailer shows off no less than three gigantic creatures you’ll need to take down.

A roguelite, you’ll be able to upgrade protagonist Kyhra through her successes and failures, unlocking paths through what look to be fairly extensive skill trees. Put simply, if you enjoyed any of Celeste, Hollow Knight or Dead Cells, ScourgeBringer may well be worth a look.

“ScourgeBringer's Early Access will last for 6 to 8 months depending on your feedback,” the Steam description reads. “Our intention is to not rush things and to focus on making the most polished game possible. During that time we will continuously publish big content updates and rebalance the existing content.”

Scourgebringer Early Access release
© Flying Oak Games

Developer Flying Oak Games promises that the Early Access period will double ScourgeBringer’s content, as right now only three of six planned worlds are in the game. If the action looks a bit overwhelming to you, the good news is that ScourgeBringer will also include accessibility options such as adjusting game speed from 10-100% so it’s suited to your capabilities.

If you’re interested in giving ScoureBringer a try, it’s currently 20% off as a launch celebration, with an extra 10% off for any owners of Dead Cells of Steam. The discount’s available until February 13, and means you can currently pick it up for $13.49 (£10.25/€13.49), though Flying Oak Games notes that the price may change when the game exits Early Access.

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