The best Dreams creations to try on release

Seven user-made creations to show off the brilliance of Media Molecule's Dreams when it launches February 14.

If it wasn’t clear already, we’re big fans of Media Molecule’s Dreams, and have thoroughly enjoyed rounding up the brilliant creations that players have conjured up during previous betas. Dreams is now fast approaching its February 14 release date, so to celebrate the launch we’ve rounded up a collection of brilliant creations for you to try as soon as you hop into the game. Who knows, maybe they’ll even inspire you to bring your own fantasies to life. There are hundreds of creations out there, so rather than getting overwhelmed, here are our picks for the best Dreams creations to try when the game releases.

The best Dreams creations to try when the game releases

SlidEout 3019

Created by: gaffreman

Miss the Wipeout games? So did Dreams creator gauffreman apparently, because he’s put together a seriously slick racer to scratch that same itch. Screech around corners and slam those boosters to perfect your time round the Mad Water City racetrack in this sci-fi Dreams creation. SlidEout includes a lap timer, health meter, speedometer and fitting electronic beats. You’ll struggle to remember that you’re even playing Dreams as you aim for those optimal cornering trajectories. Click here to view the Dreams creation page.

Haus of Bevis

Created by: Bevis2

We already included Haus of Bevis in our Dreams beta roundup, but it’s such a wonderfully strange creation that we couldn’t help but throw it in here as well. Unique experiences are the true heart of Dreams, and it doesn’t get much more individual than the bizarre art gallery Bevis has put together for us to explore. Click here to view the Dreams creation page.

The Ornithologist’s Private Collection

Created by: mattizzle1

With dreams comes the inevitability of nightmares as well. If you’re a fan of horror, be sure to load up The Ornithologist’s Private Collection. Fully designing every element of the unsettling museum, creator mattizzle1 tasks us with collecting items throughout the eerie hallways as we hunt for a way out. Click here for the Dreams creation page. If you enjoy the level, mattizzle1 also created another horror sequence called Horror for Halloween to experience as well.

Metal Gear Solid HD Remake

Created by: Bearskopff

If you give players the tools to build anything they want, you can be sure that recreations of older tiles will be close to if not top of the list for many. Creator Bearskopff worked for a long while on recreating Metal Gear Solid’s opening section, and now you can stalk through those container crates yourself, hunting down rations to help you escape. Click here to view the Dreams scene page

Full Beech breakfast

Created by: THE_ARCH1TECT

Best dreams creations to play when it releases
© Media Molecule, THE_ARCH1TECT

Less of a game and more of an excuse to salivate, Full Beech breakfast is a ludicrously realistic recreation of that staple start to a weekend morning: The English breakfast. Honestly, it's so realistic that we bet you’re already trying to grab it through your screen. Learn from our mistakes and stops that, as all you'll earn are some smudgy fingerprints on your monitor. Try this creation out just to watch your jaw drop at how talented some Dreams players are as artists. Click here for the Dreams creation page.


Created by: kevinkillr1 and chrisdw1002

Okay, so we’ve tried to limit the number of game recreation on this list, but Beyond by kevinkillr1 and chrisdw1002 is such an impressive homage to No Man’s Sky that we couldn’t help but put it in. Load up this creation and you’ll be able to explore multiple planets, launch yourself into the stars and even earn upgrades as you encounter unusual creatures in the solar system. Click here for the Dreams creation page.


Created by: rothniel

Prometheus by Rothniel was one of the earliest, most impressive creations to come out of the Dreams beta, and it remains a seriously cool experience to this day. While others have certainly surpassed Prometheus in graphical finesse, it’s a brilliant little shooter that demonstrates how well the FPS genre can be generated in Dreams. Click here for the Dreams creation page.

There are just a few of the brilliant Dreams creations we’d recommend checking out when you pick it up on release. There’s so much more to come as well, with mindbogglingly impressive creations being shared online. If you have any Dreams recommendations for new players, share them with us in the comments below so everyone can experience what Media Molecule’s new title has to offer.

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