Puma X Sonic collab drops ahead of movie release

Gotta be fast to snap up this hot merch before the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie arrives this Friday.

Hedgehog fans have twice as much to celebrate as a Sonic X Puma clothing collaboration has gone on sale before the movie releases this Friday.

A bunch of sneakers, jogging pants, tees, hoodies, backpacks and hats have appeared on Puma's store featuring Sonic and Amy Rose in some pretty tasteful designs.

The RS-X sneakers feature Sonic's iconic blue and yellow colors with a HUD readout on the rear sole, and for people who prefer less garishly clashing creps there are suede pumps in black/blue or beige/pink colorways, depending on if you like Sonic or Amy more.

For the clothing, plenty of speed-based slogans on the tees and a stylish track jacket make for good workout gear, but there's also a great crewneck sweater with Tails, Amy and Sonic's faces which would also work well for streetwear.

The prices all seem pretty reasonable for a high-profile limited edition tie-in, with sweaters for $40 and sneakers between $120 and $65. And some of the designs are pretty understated, so you're not wearing a big billboard from the 90s unless you want to.

This could be up there with Puma's previous Tetris range as some of the best gaming collabs we've seen so far, which of the Sonic X Puma collection pieces do you want to add to your wardrobe?


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