The best gaming tattoos, as modelled by you

We asked for your gaming tattoos, and the incredible art in the responses did not disappoint.

We all love gaming, but some of you are ready to take that dedication further and turn your bodies into a canvas for artwork from your favorite video games. We think that’s pretty damned cool, so we asked you to supply us with your brilliant gaming tattoos for us to admire. Whether it was to mark a special moment in your life, or just for the love of the game, these are the best gaming tattoos, as modelled by you awesome lot!

The best gaming tattoos, as modelled by you

Tiff.toxic replied with a pair of incredible Halo tattoos featuring Cortana, the Chief and a Covenant Grunt celebrating his big name day. You might struggle to eat that cake with your face mask, buddy, better to let us have it all instead! The colors really bring this piece to life, and we adore the use of the Grunt Birthday Party to bring some joy to this homage to such a beloved franchise. Tiff made a point to note that the work was done by Matt Christensen at Oculus Tattoo Lounge, Syracuse NY.

Colonel! I’m getting some reports of some wicked tattoos invading my feed, please advise. GGMatt took the time to share his two arm tattoos of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Dragonborn and Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake. Both are sick, but we’re especially in love with the dissolve effect at the base of Snake. 

There are many Legend of Zelda fans out there in the world, but few can lay claim to such an impressive arm sleeve as Krystal Whittington. Featuring Link in his human and wolf forms, Krystal’s tattoo is a love letter to Twilight Princess. We seriously can’t get over how cool the flash of blue in both Links’ eyes is on the black and white design.

Chrono Trigger is a gorgeous game that doesn’t get enough love, so it’s wonderful to see Shaun Roe repping it in this stunning over-the-shoulder design. Throwing Diablo into the mix as well? This fella knows how to game. The tattoo was produced by Hand of Raa.

MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT! Responding to HyperX’s tweet, Rekkr shared their in-progress full sleeve arm tattoo featuring Mortal Kombat’s pantheon of deadly ninjas. Scorpion, Sub-Zero and is that Ermac? We’re close to suffering a fatality just from one look! Rekkt credits Gawler body art, South Australia, for this wonderful piece. You know what, we can’t see a tattoo like that without linking the Mortal Kombat theme again:

For their dedication to the Final Fantasy series, Jess Carreras has been branded by the gods themselves. Receiving an l’Cie brand on her upper back/shoulder, Jess has got serious protagonist energy going on. The real question is, what Focus has she been asked to fulfil, and will she manage it before the brand transforms her into a Cie’th? Good luck, Jess! Jess credits Morrison Vo at Integrity Tattoo for this fine piece of art.

Finally, here’s SneakyTheWalrus and their cheery art of Toad enjoying a Mario Kart race. Uh, Toad, buddy? Maybe you should look behind you before you start celebrating that win. We’ve got some bad news for you starting with Blue and ending with Shell. They also shared a second tattoo of Charmander and Pikachu sitting down for a game together, in memory of a childhood well spent gaming with their sister.

Those are the best gaming tattoos as modelled by you! There were plenty of other brilliant submissions to the original Twitter thread, so be sure to go and give them some love there. Feel free to share your favorites down in the comments too! After some more relatable stories? We previously asked you to share your PC cleaning horror stories. Just try not to reach for the compressed air while reading - It’s too late, you can’t help them anymore.

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