You can design a Hokko Life shirt ahead of the game's launch

Create a t-shirt and preview it on two Hokko Life villagers using the Hokko Designer app.

After its official announcement yesterday, Hokko Life has caused quite a stir among gamers due to its similarities to Animal Crossing. For many, the idea of playing an Animal Crossing-like game on PC is exciting. If you’re impatient to dive into Hokko Life, there’s a way to get creative with it before the game is released!

You can design a Hokko Life shirt ahead of the game’s launch

You can design a Hokko Life shirt ahead of the game's launch
Hokko Designer is a free app available on the Hokko Life website that lets you design an in-game shirt.
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On the Hokko Life website, there’s a section called Hokko Designer that offers a fun Hokko Life-related app. The Hokko Designer app is a free, standalone app where you can design your very own t-shirt for use in Hokko Life. You can also preview that t-shirt design on two of the game’s adorable villagers.

What’s particularly exciting about the Hokko Designer app is that you will be able to transfer your t-shirt into Hokko Life following the game’s release. To start designing your in-game shirt, you’ll want to visit the Hokko Designer section of the Hokko Life website and follow the download instructions.

Essentially, you'll need to download the .zip file, extract it, make a copy of the Template image file, then copy it into your preferred painting application. It’s a bit of a process, but once you get everything downloaded and start painting your shirt, it can be a fun way to get a bit of an early start in Hokko Life.

After checking out the Hokko Designer app, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Will you design a shirt for use in your Hokko Life game, are you waiting to learn more about what sort of gameplay Hokko Life will offer? Comment below!

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