The ultimate gaming couple's Valentine's Day challenge

Put your co-operative skills to the test with our gaming couple's Valentine's Day challenge.

Valentine’s Day is usually about proclaiming your love through romantic gestures. But before you go splashing out on that all-inclusive holiday, you should definitely make sure that you and your loved one a’re right for each other. How? Through the medium of video game challenges of course!

For couple that game together – or separately – we’ve compiled a series of gaming challenges that’ll put your relationship’s co-operative skills to the test. Forget Valentine’s Day, because it’s time for Challenge-tine’s Day! Yeah, that landed better in our heads. But it's too late to focus on our mistakes because here comes the ultimate gaming couple’s Valentine’s Day challenge!

Complete any of the tasks below and you’ll have more than earned the right to a reward. Head to the HyperX store and use DUO20 during February to grab a discount on gaming gear for you and your co-completionist.

The ultimate gaming couple’s Valentine's Day challenge

Overcooked! All You Can Eat: Three-star a full world

Ultimate gaming couples valentine's day challenge overcooked all you can eat - the promo art for the game featuring the title and several chefs in front of the land
Overcooked remains the ultimate test of your coordination as a couple.
© Ghost Town Games

With a group of four, Overcooked is hilarious chaos, with food flying each and every which way around a kitchen as frying pans catch fire and dishes go unwashed. Reduce the player count down to two, however, and suddenly you’ll find yourselves with an awful lot more room in the kitchen.

Success in two-player Overcooked requires careful delegation of duties. With only two pairs of hands to work with, you’ll both need to know exactly what you should be doing at any given moment. And yes, just like real life, you’ll probably need to share the washing up.

Here’s our challenge for you: pick any Overcooked! All You Can Eat world and earn three stars on each and every level. Each mission is only a few minutes in length, both those restarts quickly add up when something goes wrong. Will you fall into anarchy or band together successfully, assigning one player as chop master while the other fries and delivers? It’s time to don those aprons and find out...

Lethal Company: Meet quota

Valentines day gaming couples challenge lethal company - two players look at a shower on their ship, with a small robot, pumpkin, and duck within
Succeed and you too can enjoy such wonders as a pumpkin taking a shower with a rubber duck and robot. 
© Zeekerss

Balancing careers with support for one another is a vital skill to foster in a relationship. Lethal Company will strain those often conflicting interests to breaking point through all manner of nightmarish creatures. Working for a faceless, uncaring corporation, your job is to enter abandoned facilities on alien worlds and escape with as many valuable as possible over three days. Fail to meet quota and you'll be sucked into the vacuum of space, so hop to it, lovebirds!

But when said facilities are filled with monstrous spiders, coil-headed mannequins, and wind-up soldiers, that goal is far from an easy. And if you die in the process, do you trust your partner to recover your body and carry it back to the ship? Lethal Company will test your communication, your individual bravery, and your commitment to the company. Succeed and you might even be able to afford a shower for your spaceship. Happy Valentine’s Day, employees!

Helldivers 2: Complete a zero friendly fire mission

video game valentines day challenge helldivers 2 - several characters fire at a giant bug monster on an alien world
Bugs? Not nearly as dangerous as you are to one another.
© Arrowhead Game Studios

Liberty comes at a price. And in Helldivers 2, that price is usually the lives of your mates each time you throw a grenade or call down air support. When space bugs and rogue automatons come swarming, avoiding catching an ally in the panicked crossfire that follows is far from easy. 

For this Valentine’s Day gaming challenge, you’ve got to do the unthinkable: Complete and entire Helldivers 2 missions without a single point of friendly fire damage. No unfortunately placed bullets, no wayward grenades, and certainly no joking melee hits that “accidentally” knock them off a cliff edge. It’s going to take discussion and discipline, two traits that will serve you well in your future together spreading peace and democracy from the front lines.

Elden Ring: Make a mess of Margit

Valentines day gaming challenge elden ring
Make mincemeat of Margit and Stormveil is yours to explore. 
© FromSoftware

What's a relationship without a little strife? Sensible and supportive, probably. But be honest, you're not here for practical advice; you're here for the challenge. Elden Ring delivers that in spades, so let's dive into a new run of The Lands Between. Don't worry, we're not expecting you to grind through the hundred hours needed to beat the game, just the first major boss. Standing before the gates of Stormveil Castle, Margit the Fell Omen is the first roadblock for most new players, and you're going to challenge him together.

Given the game has been out for a while now, we're going to step up the challenge. Making new characters, you need to take down Margit together before you reach level five. Oh, and both of you need to survive the fight. Should one of you fall, the other must nobly sacrifice themselves as well. Chivalry isn't dead, but you will be.

Tears of the Kingdom: Claim a King Gleok’s crown, together

valentines day video game challenge tears of the kingdom - zelda holds the master sword flat in both hands, looking serious
The Master Sword was made for one, but you'll need two to beat this challenge. 
© Nintendo

This is it, the final hurdle. The ultimate test to see just how well you can cooperate with your valentine is... Tears of the Kingdom? That doesn’t seem so tough, but as you might have guessed, there’s a catch: You’ll be playing with one Joy-Con each. The Nintendo’s Switch’s detachable controllers are typically reserved multiplayer games like Snipperclips or Mario Party, but they also serve as an ingeniously cruel way to play single-player titles as well.

With one player behind Link’s movement and the other taking control of camera, attacks and powers you’ll soon discover just how different your preferred playstyles are. You might want to line up bomb arrow shots from afar, but that won’t mean a thing if your partner decides to charges headlong at that Lynel in the distance.

Our challenge? Taking down a mighty King Gleok. Residing on platforms high in the skies, these three-headed beasts will throw lightning, wind, fire, and frost at you – sometimes all at once. You’re free to prepare however you like and use whatever armor sets you’ve upgraded by the end game. But once you’re in the arena? It’s one Joy-Con each, baby. Beating this one may demand more dedication than Zelda’s 10,000 years as a dragon.

Reckon Tears of the Kingdom is too easy? Try beating Dark Souls Remastered’s Gargoyles with the same setup then. We dare you. We weren’t quite sadistic enough to include it on this list, but if you’re feeling cocky then be our guest.

Survived? Congratulations! You’re officially an AllGamers Recognized Power Couple (not an official award). What can you do with such a title, you ask? Not much, we’ll be honest, but we hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day nonetheless. For a real reward, head to the HyperX store where you can use code DUO20 during February for a sitewide discount on gaming gear. The ideal start to another year of gaming together!

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