How old is Geralt in The Witcher 3?

Our best guess as to the Geralt's age in The Witcher 3, based on clues in game and out.

From the moment he pops up in that bathtub, it’s clear that there’s something special about The Witcher 3’s protagonist. Geralt is a well-travelled man by the time we join him in The Witcher 3, and though visually he appears to be around 40 years old, Witchers don’t age at the same rate as us regular humans. We can’t tell the precise number, but we do have a rough idea of how old Geralt is in The Witcher 3.

How old is Geralt in The Witcher 3?

How old is geralt in the witcher 3 geralt age
Geralt's sorceress friends are also much older than their looks would imply.
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The first clue we get to how old Geralt is in The Witcher 3 comes from his mentor, Vesemir, in the game’s opening. The older Witcher has already got many more than a hundred years to his name, and when Geralt mocks him for it, Vesemir replies “You’re not so far off 100 yourself!”

The Witcher 3 takes place after the events of all the original Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski, the only hint we’ve had towards Geralt’s age during their events comes from an interview with a Russian fan site in which Sapkowski appears to say that Geralt is older than 50 during the book’s events, though he highlights again that Witchers age slower and appear younger than they are, and therefore tend to hide their age.

There’s no precise age for Geralt, but it seems a good bet that he’s in his nineties during the events of The Witcher 3, hence Vesemir’s comment. Witchers’ ages tend to be a bit of a mystery, not least because one has never been known to die of old age. That’s not to imply that they can’t, it’s just that they have an unfortunate habit of dying to various monsters or enemies before that occurs.

So while we can’t give you a precise answer to how old Geralt is in The Witcher 3, we do know that he’s only a few years shy of 100. Honestly, we hope we’re looking that spry when we get to that age!

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