Nintendo Direct: Mario Tennis, Tropical Freeze and more headed to Switch in Spring

Plenty of games to look forward to in Q1 2018.

Today's Nintendo Direct Mini has announced a raft of ports and new games coming to the Switch in the first quarter of this year, including a new Mario Tennis game.

Mario Tennis Aces will have a story mode as well as challenges and all that raquetball goodness that you expect from the series in Spring 2018.

Kirby Star Allies will also release in Spring, with a March 16 release date confirmed on the Direct.

More ports for the handheld/TV console include The World Ends With You (the DS's action RPG fan favorite), Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (including a Funky Kong easy mode), Hyrule Warriors (with BOTW Zelda and Link outfits), and PayDay 2 will get an exclusive character when it releases at the end of February.

Other news from the Direct includes a new balloon hunt mode with Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey and the arrival of Ys 8: Lacrimosa on the handheld sometime in the Summer. For all the pretty colors and trailers, watch the Nintendo Direct Mini below:


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